Take Your Pick: The $15K Leica M-P “Grip” or a Really Nice Leica M3 Candy-Tin Replica for $40

Not one to shy away from special-edition models, Leica recently introduced the red-clad M-P “Grip,” a $15,000 “irresistible work of art” designed in collaboration with Rolf Sachs that’s essentially a Leica-MP mirrorless digital camera (with a very nice Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens).

But if you can’t afford this masterpiece because you’re bidding on the Ansel Adams Arca Swiss 4x5 that’s up for auction, there’s always this silver metallic Leica M3 candy-tin replica (above right) for $40.What makes Leica’s M-P “Grip” different from the standard M-P Type 240 luxury digital camera is it’s eye-catching, red nubby wrap similar to what’s used on a ping-pong paddle. So you lose the fine leather, gain the rubber, and get one of only 79 sets of the “Grip” to be available next month.

The attractive $40 (including shipping) Leica M3 replica looks like a great gift for the photographer who has everything (except, perhaps, an authentic Leica “Grip”) and does double duty as a candy tin or receptacle for some of your treasures. It’s made from tin, looks pretty cool, and has a removable lid. Unfortunately, we don’t have any specs on the “lens.”You can read all about Leica’s “Grip” on their website, and get complete details on the M3 replica by visiting the Leica Rumors website which includes a Paypal link to purchase the little gem. Ours is on the way!