The Top 3 Portrait Photography Editing HACKS You Need to Know Now (VIDEO)

A hack, by definition, is a tip or trick for a way to do something more quickly and more effectively than usual. Portrait photographers looking to immediately add some extra spice to their images during the editing process would be wise to check out these three Photoshop hacks from portrait pro Justin Laurens

"In this tutorial, learn my top 3 Photoshop Portrait editing hacks to boost color variability, make hair more voluminous/shiny and make colors 'pop,' Lauren says. "I believe these three editing techniques will vastly improve your portrait photos."

As always, Laurens clearly explains each Photoshop trick and shows how it will make your images shine while sharing portrait photos where the hacks worked. Here are the three Photoshop hacks with the times at which they appear in the video below.

Photoshop Hack #1 (1:00): Boost Color Variability & Make Colors "Pop"

Photoshop Hack #2 (2:50): Make Hair More Voluminous, Shiny & Magical

Photoshop Hack #3 (7:10): Quickly Boost Color Contrast & Make Subject Look More 3D

Check out the tips below and then go visit Laurens' channel for more helpful portrait photography advice, including this tutorial where he shows you the top 14 poses for portraiture.