Three Photographers Are Forced out of Their Comfort Zones to Shoot the Same Model (VIDEO)

A while back we shared a viral video in which six photographers shot the same model with widely varying results, partly because they were given false information about the person being photographed. The video below was inspired by that challenge and resulted in quite a creative experience.

In this fun project, Jessica Kobeissi, Irene Rudnyk, and Ruby James each chose a location and outfit for the model and were given five minutes to get their shot. They were all forced out of their comfort zones and as you’ll see, that got their creative juices flowing.

In fact, this challenge was so successful that the trio decided to add Derrick Freske to the mix and give it another go, which you can see in the video below. And after you watch these two videos, be sure to take a look at the original viral video that inspired all this fun.

Via Fstoppers