These Stunning Low Budget Camera Tricks Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

So let's say you don't have the budget of, for example, some of the amazing movies that were honored at the Oscars last night, but you still want to make something really cool. Check out the low budget camera tricks in the video below to find out how to get some mind-blowing shots with everyday items.

The video comes to us from Demilked but it was created by California-based film director Karen X Cheng and shared on her awesome Instagram feed. Here's what she has to say about the experience of making the clip.

"What a time to be a filmmaker," Cheng says. "Shots that used to take tons of expensive equipment and rigging can now be done much more easily, thanks to some developments over the last year - cameras getting much better built-in stabilization and 360 cameras allowing you to reframe shots in post. This is a compilation of the videos I’ve been working on over the last few months."

Here are the awesome tricks she demonstrates in the video. Read her Instagram post to find out how they were done.

#1 Low Budget Fight Scene

#2 Low Budget Dolly Zoom

#3 Low Budget Stairwell Shot

#4 Low Budget Interstellar Shot

#5 Low Budget Drone Shot

After the five tricks from Cheng's Instragram post, Demilked compiles several more of her amazing camera hacks so make sure you watch to the end.