These Are the 10 WORST Types of Models to Photograph (VIDEO)

Shutterbug photographer Jordan Matter recently teamed up with fashion model Natalia Taylor to produce the fun, revealing and very tongue-in-cheek video below titled "Fashion Modeling Horror Stories – The Real Truth."

In the video, Matter and Taylor act out the ten worst types of models to photograph including control freaks, hungover models, germaphobes, too-flirty models and more. As noted, while the video's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, there are many, many grains of truth in it (as any photographer who's worked with even a small number of models can attest).

It would be interesting to see a video that turns the tables on this premise, where models identify the ten worst types of photographers to work with. Oh, that would be much fun!

For starters, though, check out Matter's hilarious video below and then go visit and subscribe to his popular YouTube channel for more fun photography videos. Matter's also done a number of videos for Shutterbug, including this one where he shares "7 Reasons Why a 50mm Lens Is All You Need for Great Photography," and this one on "How to Shoot Amazing Dance Photos that Will Go Viral." 

Via Peta Pixel