These 7 Popular Photography Myths Are Actually Hurting Your Images (VIDEO)

There are lots of things that people tell you about photography that are just plain wrong. In fact, sometimes these popular photography "myths," if you follow them, actually make your images look worse.

Landscape photographer Nigel Danson is so fed up with these misleading myths being perpetuated that he's created a whole video to contradict them. In the clip, titled "7 Photography Myths that Stop You Shooting Better Photos" and embedded below, Danson tells you what you should do instead.

"There are certain myths around photography that stop you taking amazing photos," Danson says. "In this video, I aim to dispel these myths and talk about by doing the exact opposite so you can improve your photography."

Here are the seven myths he dispels in the video:

Myth #1: Always Shoot on a Tripod

Myth #2:  Shoot on Manual

Myth #3: Focus on the Object You Want to Be Sharp

Myth #4: Understand Photoshop to Edit Properly

Myth #5: You Need Full Frame

Myth #6: Never Put the Horizon in the Center

Myth #7: You Need Good Light for Good Photos

"That was seven, but I could've done 70," Danson adds. "Things like 'Never shoot into the sun," or 'Always use the lowest ISO setting.' There are just so many things, myths, out there and what I do is: if you're not sure about something, then don't just blindly follow it. Go and maybe research it and look and see if that's what other people are doing as well."

Watch the video and then go visit (and subscribe) to Danson's helpful and inspiring YouTube channel.