Talking Pictures
Shopping In The Recession

While on the freeway, I pass over this giant drainage system on the way to my studio each day. And each time, I catch a glimpse of this shopping cart way off in the back. I often wondered about the chances of it still being there in case I wanted to make a shot. Well, after about a week of seeing it every day, the shopping cart was still there. So, I waited until the sun was nice and low, creating a softer, warmer light, and took the side roads to search for the cart. After jumping through dirt fields, crossing railroad tracks, and scaling the drainage walls, I was able to position myself to capture these interesting compositions. The best part: I was able to come out unscathed—despite slipping and almost falling many times, and train dodging twice. The worst part: that’s not mud in the drainage system.
—Jason de Alba
San Diego, CA

Technical Info: Images taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and a Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens.
© 2009, Jason de Alba, All Rights Reserved

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