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One Final Thought; Spring Wrestling Match

As the spring snows melted away, the herd instinct grew stale and the bison herds of Theodore Roosevelt National Park were restless. Huge shaggy heads bobbed up and down as they strolled toward an unknown destination, occasionally dropping their heads to push the snow away searching for green grass. The scene was pastoral until a small faction broke away from the main herd in a mad stampede. The energy of youngsters could not be completely dissipated in a short run across the prairie. They dropped their heads and butted one another, head to head, in a playful duel that was very different from the aggressive fighting that goes on between mature bulls in the breeding season. This image reminds me of the energetic enthusiasm of the young that is especially common in the early spring and how patterned behavior of the older generations is often reflected in the young.
--Margaret Springett
Hudson, WI

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