Should You Shoot Raw Images or JPEGS? (VIDEO)

Should you shoot Raw images or JPEGs with your camera? This is an incredibly common question from new photographers, and you’re bound to get different answers depending on who you speak with.

Paul Farris from the Photo Genius channel tackles this thorny topic in the below video titled “Should you STOP shooting Raw images? What is the best image format for you and your photography?”

“Shooting Raw images is absolutely the best way to get the most from the images that you take with your digital camera, yet this video is titled ‘Reasons Not to Shoot Raw,’” Farris says. “Want to find out more? Stick around and enjoy the video.”

Indeed, if you look on just about any photography forum or message board, someone will be discussing the Raw vs JPEG dilemma. And most, if not all, of the commentators will tell you that you should shoot Raw because it gives you the most control over your images, so you can edit them exactly how you want them to pull out the best image quality.  

While Farris agrees with that view, he says there are some reasons you might want to shoot JPEGs instead of Raws. He adds that he made the video because he gets asked the Raw vs JPEG question all the time.

“Just for clarity, I choose to shoot Raw but when it suits me,” he explains. “I don’t think anyone should feel pressured to shoot using a format that may not suit them and their type of photography.”

In the video below, Farris discusses the differences between JPEG and Raw images and the advantages and disadvantages of each format. Check out his educational take on this popular topic and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with his take on the subject.