Shooting Film? These 2 Videos Show How to Set Up a Home Darkroom and Process Your First Roll

Despite the rapid advancements in digital imaging technology there’s been a growing resurgence in the use of 35mm cameras for shooting everything from portraits and street scenes to landscape photography. To address this renewed interest in film, Ilford Photo has created an “Introduction to Film Photography” video series designed to get budding film users up to speed.

The two bite-sized, animated videos below illustrate the basics of setting up a home darkroom and processing your first roll of B&W film. All videos in the series are barely a minute long, and cover topics like using an enlarger, an introduction to film formats, darkroom safety tips, and more.

Ilford’s “Introduction to Film Photography” videos also include shooting basics, some of which are common to digital cameras, like aperture and shutter speed techniques and ISO considerations. You can find the full series on the Harmon Technology YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent story revealing our 10 favorite film cameras of all time.