Shoot EPIC Travel & Nature Photos Under Boring Clear Skies (VIDEO)

Tourists, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts love waking up to a bright day with clear skies. The opposite is true for outdoor photographers, for whom clear, featureless skies without clouds can be an absolute nightmare.

Fortunately there are a few tricks for capturing beautiful images when clear skies are in the forecast. In the interesting video below, Danish landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen offers a variety of tips for getting the job done when the weather is “too good."

For this behind-the-scene episode Iversen arose early, in time to arrive at his destination before sunrise. As he explains, “When you’re photographing with a clear sky, what you always want first and foremost is a compelling subject.” In this instance he chose a picturesque bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden

The problem with clear pale blue skies is that they don’t offer much interest to a scene. Iversen recommends countering this problem by shooting at Blue Hour or Golden Hour when even a featureless sky is full of beautiful, soft colors.

A related tip is to try finding an area in the scene with complimentary, contrasting colors. Another technique is to frame a shot in a way that deemphasizes the sky, and Iversen provides a number of helpful composition tips.

Other topics in this 13-minute video include how to make the most of a long lens, incorporating the sun or the moon in the shot if possible, and a few other technical tricks.

After watching the video head over to Iversen’s YouTube channel where you’ll find much more of interest on outdoor photography.

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