Shoot EPIC Travel & Cityscape Photos with a Unique Look (VIDEO)

Do you want to capture stunning travel and cityscape photos with a unique eye-catching look? If so, you've come to the right place, as an accomplished pro demonstrates an easy-to-master technique in barely six minutes.

Jeff Wiswell is an award-winning documentary photographer based in La Cross, WI and a really good instructor. Today's episode demonstrates the power of shooting street scenes without any people in the frame.

Wiswell make this promise: "In this video I reveal my secrets to capturing breathtaking cityscape photos in bustling areas—transforming crowded scenes in compelling images." This "magical" approach enables you to portray cities and iconic monuments in a way that's rarely seen.

Tip #1 is to "forget the days of waking up and winging it."  In other words, spend time scouting  locations before you go out to shoot. Wiswell says he meticulously scours Google Images, 500px, Pinterest and other online sources for images of the scenes he intends to shoot. He then plots them on a map in relation to his hotel and comes up with a logical plan for the following day.

Thinking about composition and estimating the position of the sun is also part of his pre-shoot strategy. Next on Wiswell's list is thoughtful preparation. As he says, "the night before a photoshoot I have everything packed and ready to go; not just camera gear, but snacks, water, and comfortable shoes." In short,, everything he needs for a smooth morning that begins just before dawn.

Getting out early means there are few, if any, tourists in sight so you can capture the serene beauty of wherever you happen to be. Another advantage is that "shooting during Blue Hour adds a mesmerizing quality to images because you get soft, ethereal light and vibrant colors in the sky."

Of course popular locations tend to get busy later in the day, and Wiswell has some great advice for ridding images of distractions with thoughtful composition, appropriate camera settings, and an affordable accessory that's small enough to carry in your bag.

The images you make will be significantly more impactful if you follow Wiswell's advice. And even better is the fact that they won't look the same as the photos from everyone else. After watching the video head over to Wiswell's instructional YouTube channel for more helpful tips and techniques.

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