Shoot Better Bird Photos with These 7 Tips from Expert Tim Boyer (VIDEO)

Last year we featured some great shooting tips from bird photographer extraordinaire Tim Boyer. And today Boyer is at it again, with “seven more rules of bird photography” that will really up your game.

Boyer is an acclaimed photographer, author, and workshop instructor who is passionate about teaching others how to capture striking images of our feathered friends. In the nine-minute video below, he reveals some very powerful techniques.

The tutorial begins with an important composition tip; namely, framing a shot with plenty of space in front of your subject. That way a bird can look toward the open space and move in that direction while you capture the shot. He also provides examples of images that are ineffective, because the photographer composed the photo with a bird right up against an edge of the frame.

For maximum impact Boyer recommends getting in as tight as possible, either with a long lens or shooting from a close vantage point, so your subject comprises at least one-third of the frame. He also discusses how to use a tele extender if you don’t own a lens long enough to get the job done.

Another important compositional rule is to avoid clipping off a bird’s wings or feet, and that sometimes requires that you pull back a bit for a properly composed shot. Boyer also offers some important exposure advice, that’s particularly important when photographing white or black birds.

There’s much more to learn in this tutorial, so take a look and give these tips a try. We also suggest you look at Boyer’s earlier video with more great advice on photographing birds.