Save BIG BUCKS on Your Travel & Nature Photo Kit (VIDEO)

Outdoor photographers are known for carrying tons of gear, so they’re prepared for just about anything they encounter. We’ve addressed this burden in the past for landscape shooters who often hike great distances into the field, and for travel photographers who want to carry a minimum of equipment.

The related video below isn’t about lightening the load on your back, but rather minimizing the impact on your wallet. We generally recommend purchasing the best gear you can afford, but by prioritizing your needs and reserving the most costly expenditures for critical gear like cameras and lenses, you can save tons of cash.

Mads Peter Iverson is a long-time pro specializing in landscape photography, and like most of us, he doesn’t have unlimited funds. In this episode he explains where it’s safe to economize, without negatively affecting the photographic process and the quality of your results.

Iversen begins with tripods, noting, “It’s not necessary to invest in the biggest, baddest (and typically most expensive) tripod you can find." Some landscape shooters might disagree, but Iversen says he often leaves his bombproof tripod at home to avoid the heft, and uses a stable but less-costly travel tripod instead.

When it comes to cameras and lenses, Iversen admits these are the most important components of your kit. But even here he says you can save considerable money by carefully analyzing your needs, being willing to compromise, and avoiding the temptation to always buy the latest and greatest stuff. He has several great suggestions, and provides links in the description beneath the video for everything he recommends.

Iversen also discusses the notion of purchasing used gear from reputable sources, and the things to look for to avoid getting a lemon. He also explains how to economize when purchasing filters and other accessories, and suggests shooting locally whenever possible to save on gas and other travel expenses.

You can find more helpful advice on outdoor photography by visiting Iversen’s YouTube channel.

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