REVIEW Lucky Camera Straps: Unparalleled Quality, Superb Security, Custom Handmade Craftsmanship

Lucky Camera Straps are handmade in Australia to fit you and the individual way you carry your camera. The new Quick Release System is the fastest we’ve seen yet, and is reinforced with cut and abrasion-resistant Dyneema webbing.

A good camera strap is strong, comfortable and not ugly. I’ve always shied away from bundled straps that advertise the camera brand in 2-inch letters, and instead looked for greater security and, yes, beauty. Lucky Camera Straps deliver a trifecta of strength, comfort and drop dead gorgeous appearance. Plus, mine has my (long) name pressed into the leather for true personalization.

Lucky Camera Straps are made of genuine leather and natural cotton with leather trim. They’re made by hand in a wide selection of colors and sizes to fit the wearer, and are available in shoulder strap, cross-body (bandolero style) and wrist strap configurations. If you can think of another way to carry your camera, Lucky Straps can probably personalize a strap for that, too.

Featuring a new Quick Release System that makes it a literal snap to connect or detach, Lucky Straps are a godsend if you switch from shoulder to wrist strap conveyance, or if you like to remove the strap altogether when using a tripod. The Quick Release System is reinforced with Dyneema to obstruct would-be slash-and-dash thieves.  

Dyneema, known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) in scientific circles, is strong, flexible and damn hard to cut through. Dyneema technology is used in ballistic armor, high-stress ropes and cables, and other high-abrasion-risk applications requiring light weight and enormous strength.

Every Lucky strap is handmade and offered in sizes to fit the wearer’s body and carrying style. In addition—and this is a big addition—Lucky offers a unique personalization service and can deboss your name, logo or slogan into the leather for permanent identification. This service includes optional foil inlay for a unique, truly outstanding look.

Lucky Camera Strap Company
Making camera straps since 2014, the factory team in Bendigo, Australia, has been producing leather accessories for the music industry for more than 30 years.

Lucky Camera Straps are 100% Australian-made and shipped around the world directly from the source. The USA is their largest market (comprising more than 50% of sales) and they ship here via the good old USPS. They offer an amazingly wide assortment of styles and colors, all of which can be viewed and ordered from their website. The website features a Buyer's Guide where you can find all of their camera strap recommendations for specific photographers and videographers.

The Lucky Camera Strap warranty is described (on the Lucky Strap website) as follows: “We offer a ‘common sense’ lifetime warranty on all of our products.” That’s good enough for me, but if you have specific questions, check their FAQ section.

Like a handmade suit, a Lucky Camera Strap—be it wrist, shoulder or bandoleer—fits as it’s supposed to. The quality is impeccable and the release system is fast and sure. The samples I tested were an absolute pleasure to use. I’m partial to wrist straps when I’m using cameras for review evaluation. The Quick Release feature allowed me to engage and disengage the straps without losing fingernails to O-rings.

There’s something special about the feel of genuine leather. We see so much PU (Polyurethane) simulated leather that we sometimes forget how pleasant real leather can be. A genuine hand-tooled strap adds an understated sense of luxury even to an old, beat-up DSLR.

Lucky Camera Straps are extraordinary, and I recommend them without hesitation.

—Jon Sienkiewicz


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