Raw is proprietary to each maker and even each model of camera. Do you think there should be a universal "raw"? Please briefly share your thoughts on this matter.

Raw is proprietary to each maker and even each model of camera. Do you think there should be a universal "raw"? Please briefly share your thoughts on this matter.
I use the camera maker supplied software.
20% (18 votes)
I use a third party program.
70% (62 votes)
I stick with JPEG because I have not tried out Raw format yet.
10% (9 votes)
Total votes: 89

Ken Munk's picture

I still have a lot to learn about RAW format so I stick with JPEG.

Jennifer's picture

Camera RAW in Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac.

Bernie G.'s picture

Photoshop CS4 ACR for all the power of Photoshop.

Karen Guyton's picture

I would like to see a universal "raw". In the past, I have had trouble opening raw images when I've changed either camera models or Photoshop version.

Shutterbug Reader's picture

Yes I think there should be a universal raw file format. Adobe's DNG is a start towards that end.

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If they do come up with a universal RAW it needs to be backwards compatible. Since I have used Adobe Bridge and Lightroom for a long time I honestly never think about a Universal RAW in my business. I easily process everything I do and I use RAW 95% of the time.

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I wish all the companies would agree on one version and everyone stick to it. its a pain that everyone has their own version and that even some cameras have their own.

David Driggers's picture

I would like to see a universal raw file system to make Good affordable FAST proof prints in high-in labs and in the one hour drug store / super center labs! I do weddings and the couples want to see their images fast not in weeks or months. It takes too long to do the raw files in house myself one by one in batch! If the labs could do a good job fast then I do my custom editing for my couples such as black and white color accent images and other custom edits. This would make everyone very happy! The down side would be the flood of cheapy weekend warrior type wedding photographers that would pop up if they could shoot in a universal raw format!

Ron Parker's picture

Standards evolve and improve in all maturing technologies to the benefit of the majority of users. Adobe has provided the lead in raw data capture with their/our (open) DNG file format.

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I think everything should have one standard. Makes things a lot easier. Remember the old ISO days. Your were screwed if you were in Europa with an American camera and need film.

Kurt Reinhardt's picture

Yes there should be a universal RAW system. I use Adobe DNG. Most of the time when shooting RAW(DNG) +JPEG I prefer the results of the JPEG and find the RAW conversion inferior.

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I use CS2 it may be a bit old now but works fine for me.

Bob Sachs's picture

Camera manufacturers need to realize that the RAW format needs to be universal. Enough of," my brand is better than yours" mentality. This is so old school. Regardless of how we get there, RAW, Jpeg, tiff or? It doesn't matter. All we care about is the final product and what it looks like.

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I use JPEG because that is the native format for my particular camera, and it is efficient for storage and transmitting. However, it is a lossy format, therefore, special considerations must be adhered to when processing the image, e.g., never mess with the original; Alway work on a copy. When I do import a RAW file, I use MicroSoft's Photo Editor since it was a freebie in Office 2000. (You have to hunt for it after installing Office, but it is there.) In my opinion, there should exist a standard RAW format. If other manufacturers wish to use a different version, ok. But they will have to identify their version for example, NikonRAW, CanonRAW, etc. It is my bet that a non-proprietary, standard RAW format would win out and be used by the rest of the world.

Jan's picture

Nikon Capture NX2 is my favorite.

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CS5 accepts all forms of raw-NEF which is used in Nikon system.

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Universal RAW would be great.

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It would be nice if the Camera makers offered an option to chose a Universal format in the camer configuration, like a .DNG option.

John's picture

Yes one RAW format is the way to go.

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I have a Canon 5D Mark II camera but I use Photoshop & Lightroom to process the images. These programs allow so much more manipulation of the images than the software given by Canon. There should be a universal RAW format but the camera manufacturers don't want to go that route. They want their format to be exclusive to their product. Luckily, Adobe's DNG Converter (available for free on Adobe's web site) makes most, if not all RAW formats universal.

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I do think there should be a universal Raw. Now, any third-party editing software a photographer owns/uses is immediately out of date as soon as he/she buys a new model camera. It's not right to victimize consumers in this manner -- to force them to find "work-arounds" or pray that an upgrade to his/her software program is available soon so the program remains functional.

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I think a universal RAW might very well help us all, much like jpg's being workable in virtually any editing or desktop publishing arena.

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I think there should be an universal raw format so that photographers wont be a the mercy of the whims of camera manufacturers.

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Need universal that gives as high quality as manufacturer!

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Standardized norms would make working with RAW a lot easier and more 'shareable.'

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As in the old days of film some manufacturers (e.g. Kodak) stick to their format. But in the long run that disadvantages us all. For archival purposes it is a disaster that e.g Nikon and Canon do not agree and each model of a camera seems to need updating of editing software.

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Picasa 3 or Lightroom 2.

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I use Photoshop Lightroom.

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It would make me feel better that in the future I will still be able to access my RAW photos.

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I do think that there should be a uninversal "raw" amongst camera makers. Either that or just have them all adapt Adobe "DNG" format.