Quick Camera Trick: Shoot from a Low Angle to Capture Eye-Catching Photos (VIDEO)

If you’re feeling low and uninspired about your photography, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert has some advice for you: try shooting from a low angle. As Lambert explains in the somewhat counterintuitive video below, going low can yield high quality results.

“This is an easy camera effect, or more precisely, a camera angle, that you MUST try for your next photo shoot in 2019,” Lambert says. “Uninspired photography can be solved easily by shooting with this camera angle during your next photo shoot in street photography or even portrait photography.”

According to Lambert, shooting from a unique, low perspective, can break you out of tired photographic habits so you can capture something creative and eye-catching.

“Let’s face it, most of us are usually shooting at the same height. We like to shoot at shoulder height, at waist height maximum and this fun, that is great, it is kind of lazy. But if you want something different, you have to change the way you’re shooting,” Lambert says.

“If you’re bored with your style of shooting maybe you have to change the way you are holding your camera. Shooting low really does that for you. Suddenly, instead of seeing life like a normal human being, you see it like a dog. You see life, literally, on the ground and everything takes a different perspective, different ambience, and you get sucked in a little bit more in the image.”

Watch the video where Lambert gives himself the challenge of going out and shooting low everywhere and see what he learned that made him get inspired about his photography again. You should also check out his awesome YouTube channel where he’s sharing photography videos several times a week.