This Pro Says Great Gear and Technique Don’t Matter Unless You Wait for the Decisive Moment (VIDEO)

Most photographers love their state-of-the-art cameras and premium glass, and they strive to capture perfectly exposed images from the best locations possible. But according to one top pro, all of that is meaningless unless you have the patience to wait for the decisive moment before snapping the shutter.

Mark Wallace is a Phoenix-based photographer, and in this tutorial he says, “You can have a great location, get all your camera settings absolutely correct, and even have the perfect composition, and still get a boring photo.” His point is that choosing the right moment is essential to making spectacular photographs.

Shooting from the rooftop terrace at his hotel in downtown Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wallace demonstrates the difference between boring photos, good photos, and spectacular photos, and it’s all about timing and being prepared when the decisive moment occurs.

Wallace arrives at his location early, and describes the preparation and gear he chose, as well as why he decided to focus manually and use a manual exposure mode to get the image he envisioned. The resulting photos illustrate how his patience paid off.

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