A Polarizing Filter Can Make a HUGE Difference in Your Photos: See How in Just 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

Most photographers prefer to get a great shot in the camera, rather than spend a lot of time making post-processing adjustments. In this two-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how the simple polarizing filter can help you do just that.

David Bergman is a pro specializing in celebrity and sports photography, and in the quick video below he explains why an affordable polarizing filter may be the best investment you can make for better outdoor photographs.

Bergman skips all the complicated science behind how a polarizer works, in favor of the simple explanation that this filter blocks polarized light from entering your lens. He also demonstrates why it’s a critical tool for serious outdoor photographers.

According to Bergman, here’s all you need to know: “When you screw one of these things on the front of your lens and rotate the filter ring, you can darken blue skies and eliminate distracting reflections.” So take a look and see how it’s done.

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