Please supply a brief comment on your experiences, if any, with online digital printing services, and how you use it in your work.

Please supply a brief comment on your experiences, if any, with online digital printing services, and how you use it in your work.
Yes, I regularly use online printing services and find they fit my needs.
57% (76 votes)
No, but the new services are intriguing and I will try them out soon.
15% (20 votes)
I print all my images at home or in my studio.
28% (38 votes)
Total votes: 134

Lea Morrow's picture

I have only experienced problems with Walmart during a hurried attempt to get photo copies during the holidays. I uploaded my photo and when I went to pick it up they insisted I needed a copyright authorization from the photographer. After many minutes of arguement I asked for a manager and we resolved the situation satisfactorily. All other services I have used are prompt and are similarly priced.

Greg Kakliosky's picture

I feel no need to use online printing when I can do it at home.

David Sarti's picture

Single prints are all done at home, but coffe table books, mugs and t-shirts are all sent out.

Maryanne's picture

I'm more than happy with my Epson Photo printer R1800.

Ronk's picture

For wedding proofs and other larger runs of pix, the services are less expensive than home printing. For the occassional larger individual print, the services make a lot of sense. Much more effective than buying a wide format printer.

Si Johnson's picture

I use Photo Kiosks in the Camera or Drug Store, but haven't used online yet.

Luis Cortes's picture

I'm mainly satisfied with the results but on ocasion, if the file is large, I'll get back pictures with no so good color results. I've been finding myself reducing the file size before sending them out for printing. I've used all listed formats but I preffer online uploads due to their low cost. I mainly use York Photo and Clark Color for online upload and printing. I normally print 8x10's at home on an EPSON printer and Kodak Pro Inkjet Paper.

Michael Long's picture

I have found that my prints ordered on-line are of good quality, and with a one hour finishing time to boot.

Roland Roesler's picture

I use Black's Photography in Calgary, Canada. The prints can be usually picked up one hour after up-loading the digital files. The quality is quite good, however technician-dependent. Occasional miscommunications can lead to the digital double-processing by the photographer and the technician but overall I am pleased with the results.

Robert's picture

Kodak industrial photo processing lab is best for me.

Herbert Stopper's picture

Thet all make reasonably good prints. None of them has a competent customer service which could explain to you how to optimally prepare your scans before submission. None of their prints are as good as the prints made from negatives the old-fashioned way.

Joel Melgar's picture

After tried several on-line services, Adoramapix delivered the best quality. Sometimes I print at home with canon printer and ultima kodak paper. The results are increible.

Shelley's picture

I use online printing services for large quantites of say 4 x 6 vacation photos. The service and quality has been great. I've used Snapfish, OFoto and other labs for blow up such as Dale Laboratories Pro Photo.

Jim Keefe's picture

I use Webshots. They are consistently excellent quality from 4x6 to 18x24. They come in 3-4 days via UPS or Fedex and are packaged properly--never had any damaged photos. And prices are reasonable.

Kathleen H.'s picture

Since I'm not a professional I have used Costco and Walgrens online with store pickup. I found that mostly it works with good prints but output depends on which store you pick them up at especially with Costco. I'm trying to decide now if it is worth it to get the Epson RX1800 or just use a store. Thoughts anyone?

Adrian's picture

I shoot mostly film, but what digital files I do have (mostly scans of old negatives and prints) I print at home; it's relatively inexpensive, I see the results right away and the ink-jet results are 'good enough' to send off to mom or Aunt Millie. Eventually I'd like to get a dedicated photo printer...

Kathleen G.  Buchanan 's picture

I am going to try out Wal-marts new online service. Our Wal-mart is very up to date with all the latest technologies and printers.

paynesphoto's picture

I would like websites to get sports memory mate templates all i have been able to come up with is and a couple uninteresting others.

The PC Guy's picture

I have tried several. There is a flurry of free print offers. But, watch out for high shipping costs which can spoil the deal.

Mickey Maguire's picture

I use Canon's i9100 and i9900 and Epson Archival Matte paper to produce images in larger sizes.

Kevin Fritts's picture

I use some online printing services for wedding photos I take and pictures that are important to me. Online services do a great job.

Christina's picture

Snapfish is great with customer relations and that keeps me with them.

Adrian Gonzalez's picture

When I need enlargements always I use online and I am really satisfied with their quality.

Warren Lieuallen's picture

I've used both on-line and web versions of local drug stores, and have been very pleased with the quality and low cost.

Von Taylor's picture

I only print at home when it is most cost effective. If I want 4 X 6 print, I always upload files to a printing service. The results have been excellent.

R.  Saff's picture

Adorama has good printing at a good price, as well as fast shipping. Uploading is easy, and my experience with them has been very good.

Mike Berg's picture Great speed and the quality is AWESOME!

Richard A, Auchter's picture

I have found that the quality and speed of delivery are very good at 'ShutterFly'. My experience with 'SnapFish' was terrible. Quality of prints was so bad that I had to send 3 or 4 rolls back for a re-do and the quality of their CD images that were scanned from negative print film was the worst that I have ever seen. The speed at which they delivered was nothing to praise either.

Ron Klupka's picture

For wedding proofs and enlargements bigger than 8x10, the services provide the goods w/o a large investment of time or money in infrequently used equipment.

Lyle Caudill's picture

I have used online printing quite a bit and have been generally pleased. However here are some of the drawbacks are: 1. Slow upload time 2. Some companies have high shipping fees 3. Depending on paper the printing can be kind of digi