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Hey, you know what? Not bad BC! Getting the knack of something comes with lots of trying new things and mixing things up a bit on your computer screen.
Things to pay attention to are the hard edges and tone differences. When one item is hazy and another is sharp and vibrant, you'll always get a clash. I could go on and on... It has nothing to do with this image above, just general tips.
You obviously know that you've come a long way just to be able to do this, right? Keep it up and very soon you'll be able to make anything your mind creates.
Oh ya.... you never did answer! :)

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Thanks for the comment, and I did answer $P!.I said you were right but to let me know who's who.
If you are right,I never photograph well...That's not why I don't post pics....!!!!!!!!!!. BC :) :) :)

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BC, it is your skill as photographer that I respect, I know you don't own the latest $20,000 camera, and you don't beg for one on this site.. keep up the good work, I'll aways look at all that you share. with us...

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