Please comment briefly on your experience with video with a D-SLR.

Please comment briefly on your experience with video with a D-SLR.
A lot, I really enjoy the ability to do both.
7% (23 votes)
Not at all. I'm not into video and want a great still camera.
69% (222 votes)
It counts, but not as much as great still camera features.
24% (79 votes)
Total votes: 324

Bill Jarvis's picture

I'm not interested in video for a DSLR. If I wanted video I'd of bought a video camera. I think the DSLR's are getting way too many goodies in them as it is. I'd love to see one come out with the old match needle for manual shooting mode! Lights and numbers don't mean much when you'd like to just shoot a little over or under and what better way to tell than with an old style analog match needle display.

Richard Garrow's picture

With HD digital Movie Camera ranging 600 dollars I do not need the feature built into my DSLR. I want the best DSLR I can get for my buck when I am spending 2-5k on a camera not to mention the lens give me all you can so I can have the best photo. I spend 600 on an HD digital movie camera and have my intern record the shoot.

Kyle McIntosh's picture

When considering which D-SLR to purchase, the last thing I am thinking about is the quality of video it will take. Really, it's photography not videography. For that, there are many great digital video cameras on the market. Whoever heard of Ansel Adams trying to find a good box camera that he could get some reel to reel film footage from?