Please comment briefly on your experience with video with a D-SLR.

Please comment briefly on your experience with video with a D-SLR.
A lot, I really enjoy the ability to do both.
7% (23 votes)
Not at all. I'm not into video and want a great still camera.
69% (222 votes)
It counts, but not as much as great still camera features.
24% (79 votes)
Total votes: 324

Jon's picture

If i wanted a video camera i would invest in a good one rather than getting a 2 in 1 with medium quality video.

Josh Tiley's picture

i like to get great photos but also if my photo cant tell my story the video will, its a great feature.

Steven Berliner's picture

I have video cameras and consider still camera video a waste of money. I would prefer a price reduction or a still cam feature increase. From my experience, "combo" tools fail to do either well.

Tim Jones's picture

i think its great but i think the company's need to be careful. Soon there will be no distinction between the two, and they will lose some consumers that just want good camera .

Richard Thomas's picture

I typically use pro-grade equipment. If I want a video camera or need to shoot video, I will buy a dedicated video camera, not a still camera that also offers some video features.

Steve Larson's picture

If I want to take video, I will get a good camera for that purpose. To me, video has no business on a still camera.

Mark's picture

If it is going to compromise the features/capability of the still camera and cost me more money then forget it. If I want high quality video I'll use a high quality video camera.

Steve Kehoe's picture

If I want to shoot video I'd use a video camera. Still cameras that take video are like the flying cars of the fifties, they work but do neither job right.

Alan Ecklof's picture

If I was taking video, I'd buy a video camera! The old adage about "anything that does everything, does nothing well" applies here, ie. all-season tires, etal. Let's perfect the still camera & optimize the price. It's better to sell many at a lower profit than a few at a higher profit.......if the some of the few change brands your business suffers more.

Denise Christian's picture

I would be afraid if I was video taping, I would miss a great still shot.

Tim O'Connor's picture

If I wanted video I'd buy a good video camera. Not interested in a gimmicky DSLR.

Alan's picture

Video should be left to the camcorder where it has been perfected and is rather good. Video in an SLR is an attempt to capture a portion of the market where the SLR should in its own best interests stay away!

HJR's picture

It is a nice feature I would use, but it would not be a deciding factor in picking a DSLR.

Daniel K.'s picture

I never used it, altough I think that someday I will. I still prefer still pictures and want the best to it.

Bill's picture

It's on one of my cameras, but never been used. Not my thing!

Kent Swanson's picture

If you're into convenience, then a "one camera fits all" concept is great. I prefer to forgo convenience for the purity of intent. A fire truck can be used to go grocery shopping (and some actually are) but they still best serve in fighting fires!

Ernest J.  Collins's picture

I feel that manufacture's should concentrate on a DSLR camera body with the bare essentials and the ability to upgrade to new sensor technology when it comes along.

Neil MacDonald's picture

It's nice, I've tried it but probably won't use it unless it's a chance of a lifetime shoot.

Allan Simpson's picture

I am completely uninterested in video in a still camera. I hope camera manufacturers will offer solid still cameras without the added cost of video components in the future.

Jimmy B.'s picture

Advanced technology should be able to accommodate both worlds.

Ed Batsel's picture

I would much, much prefer to put my money into improved features I'm actually going to use.

Mike Katona's picture

It would nice to have a Canon 5D II and not have to pay for the video feature. I have a 3K video camera.

William Lillie's picture

I own an HD camcorder. But I can see the day when all cameras do video and still images equally well.

Ed Churchill's picture

I believe a camera should only be excellent and best at taking photos, not as a compromise to be able to also be good at video. When I need or even think I'll want make a video, I'll take my video camera.

Larry Levy's picture

When my latest DSLR included this capability, I tried it. It worked. I never used it again.

Jeremy Verinsky's picture

Focus on better low light performance - not video and more mega-pixels.

Miles Bidwell's picture

I enjoy taking photographs. I spend time finding pictures and then work with them in photoshop. Video is not part of this.

Rick Wilcox's picture

Video has very little to do with good photography. Just a gimmick to allow amateurs to make bad imitations of t.v.

Bob's picture

I have a Canon 5D and the Mk II doesn't call out to me. I do not yet see it fitting into my shooting style.

Greg Vederoff's picture

There are some subjects that do best in video such as blowing grass seeds. I miss the ability to take a video that my old Minolta had.