Please comment briefly on your experience with using other than printer manufacturer's papers.

Please comment briefly on your experience with using other than printer manufacturer's papers.
Yes, it's the easiest and simplest way.
19% (13 votes)
Yes, but I experiment with other "3rd party" papers.
43% (29 votes)
No, I like other papers and am comfortable with downloading profiles for them.
38% (26 votes)
Total votes: 68

Robin's picture

Manufactuer's paper is the only one that will do true boarderless print

John Anfield's picture

I have been producing digital prints for about 3 years on an Epson 1280 I get very good results with Epson ink and Epson paper combinations. However, If I really want stunning colour results then I use Epson inks with Pictorico Pro hi-gloss white film and for monochrome I am getting beatiful results from the Epson 1280 with Permajet Blax VT mono inks cartridges using their Fine Art Matt Plus paper, this is the whitest matt paper I have ever seen, and B&W images really zing. At the moment I am converting stright to mono using LAB color in PS 7. Haven't tried the profiles yet in RGB mode.

Michael W.  Mercer's picture

Using a Canon S630 and Recently a i9900, I am totally excited about the quality of Canon Papers.

Clayton's picture

I prefer HP Printers and Kodak paper.

Jason L.'s picture

I have Canon printers - i560, i950, & i9100, I like Canon Paper, but they dont offer the surfaces I prefer such as satin. I have found Adorama Projet Royal Satin to be a wonderful paper and use it often.

Douglas Hubbard's picture

Kodak Ultima works well with HP 970.

R.  Garcia's picture

I have an Epson 2200- it's pretty much mandatory to use their papers, or else you just won't get the quality photographic print you're looking for.

Dick Hedges's picture

Red River Inkjet Paper is very ,very good. Better then Epson in my Epson R800.

Ed Truitt's picture

I remember back when it was recommended that you use IBM puch cards in IBM punch-card machines. We didn't believe it then, and I don't believe it now.

Mike Long's picture

Ilford's Galerie Smooth Pearl is an excellent paper and works well with an Epson 2000P. I am concerned about longevity.

John Lambeth's picture

I now have a 13X19 in. Canon Printer that only likes Canon and some Epson papers. Any other papers cause inferior results, usually inaccurate color and saturation. My computer is a Mac G3.

Darryl Saunders's picture

I have canon photo printers and I use epson and polaroid glossy paper with it.

Paul's picture

I like to use the ilford line of papers.

Steve's picture

Mostly disappointing results except with Somerset which is a great line of papers.

Bob Morgan's picture

I use a HP printer but have tried at least a dozen different third party papers (as well as HP papers) to see how they perform with my specific printer. Right now my personal favorite is Kodak Ultima in a satin finish.

Paul Vale's picture

I have found that when using my HP photo printer I get as good or better results using Office Depot Premium gloss paper.

H Line Press's picture

From what I have read one should stick to matching ink and the paper to the printer.

Elizabeth Leach's picture

I love Red River paper -- they give me consistent great results.

Charles Stephenson's picture

Better results with manafacturer's brand but can get other brands cheaper.

Bob Morrison's picture

The vast majority of prints I make are 4" x 6" giveaways for albums, and I use Office Depot 4x6 Glossy with good results. For larger prints for display, I like Ilford Pearl. I'm open to other brands, and I often expeiment with them brands.

Martin's picture

The trial and error proces of obtaining best prints is painful and expensive. I am not convinced that manufacturer papers offer best quality.

Mark Howard's picture

Definite differences with some papers and printer combinations.

Hugh DeForest's picture

Epson 2200 performs best wqith Epson paper.

David Kerr's picture

While I periodically do use the printer manufacturers paper, I find that I use "3rd party" paper more often because of paper surface preferances.

Maxim Holloway's picture

I have had consistantly excellent results by using Epson printers with Epson inks and papers. Using 3rd party inks and papers requires quite a bit of tweaking to acheive the same image quality. However, the mix-and-match method can give you some interesting results.

Don Johnson's picture

I find HP paper has a slight edge over other papers in my HP printer.

Terence F.  Treppa's picture has papers comparable to Epsons. I use Epson 2200 & 4000 printers.

Calvin Holloway's picture

In earlier years I beleived statements by the manufacturer. But, wanting a different surface other then what's suggested by the manufacturer I tried other premium brands. Especially, if the package stated that the paper was usable on my particular printer.

Pat Carosone's picture

Have tried numerous 3rd party products, including Kodak. Can't beat Epson Paper!!!

P.  Seiner's picture

Red River is a very nice paper.