Please comment briefly on your experience with raw formats.

Please comment briefly on your experience with raw formats.
Yes, I think it is a good idea.
69% (142 votes)
No , I am sticking with the proprietary formats.
12% (24 votes)
I don
20% (41 votes)
Total votes: 207

Tony Lazarecki's picture

Consistency is essential in the industry. Although we had our choice of film types to use, development of those types were performed with little variation. That, I think, helps the photographer to benchmark how to shoot a particular subject and what we can anticipate as a result. DNG would offer the same benchmark for all digital RAW imaging.

Jerry Bengtson's picture

I think it is a great idea. I convert all of my Raw images to DNG. In the future I will have no problem going back to them, even if I change camera models.

Frank Jr.  's picture

Lets not start this beta vs vhs can of worms again. We need an archival friendly format and DNG seems to fit the bill. A generic format woid create a win/win result.

MM Camera's picture

This would stop camera makers from charging any money for software, to open the HI resolution mode. When you pay over a $1000, you should be able to use all the cameras features with out paying more money.

Phil Nee's picture

I am always worried that RAW files made on older cameras will be obsolete as support for them ends.

Brian Martin's picture

Proprietary RAW is now one of the few remaining obstacles to bringing high quality digital "negatives" to the widest possible audience.

Steven M.  Jenkins's picture

I have tried Canon's raw. The files it creates and the software they provide are very user-UNfriendly. I tried the add-on with Photoshop CS, and I was not impressed. What would be given up with the new DNG format? What I want is something as easy to use as a JPEG, that I can load into Photoshop and adjust there, not as I am loading the file onto the computer.

John P.  Dillon's picture

It flows well with Photoshop, and gives one seamless source file. The manufacturers want to make more cash by selling their converters.

Gus Gil's picture

I've been reading and listening a lot of opposites opinion, which is true?

Larry's picture

A universal system is much needed, however I don't think it will happen due to marketing forces.

Daniel Perez's picture

It should be a standard system. Can you imagine if each film manufactures film had to be processed in propietary developers (chemicals?

Stephan Mokrzecki's picture

A universal raw file format is indeed a good idea and there need not be compromises in adopting it. Film afterall is processed in a common set of chemicals!

Mick's picture

So far, what I have seen in the output of DNG files leads me to conclude that they are one letter short of the proper name: "dung", the resolution was terrible.