Please comment briefly on your backup strategy.

Please comment briefly on your backup strategy.
I have them on the hard drive and will back them up some day.
29% (155 votes)
CDs and DVDs
20% (108 votes)
External hard drive
49% (261 votes)
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 538

Diane Abell's picture

I have an array of 500GB external and exclusive photo drives, with one drive a mirror backup of the other. I do not download any images, ever, to my internal C drive.

Peter Noyes's picture

I have some on CDs & DVDs. I use a SATA hard drives to back up my better images so they are backed up on a hard drive.

Bill Bogle, Jr.'s picture

I have them copied to three hard drives, two on separate computers, and also dvd backups of the same.

J.E.  de Sequera's picture

I use Apple's Time Machine for automatic hourly, daily and then weekly backups.

Bob Fately's picture

Dual mirrored external hard drives plus third drive copied weekly and kept offsite.

Ikagan's picture

Currently I have a Library of CDs and DVDs I keep in a Fire proof safe at home. I am planning on buying external drives to keep off premise for added protection.

Roger Hart's picture

I have everything back uped on two different external hard drives kept in different locations.

Paul's picture

Raw files backed up as soon as transferred to computer.

Ronald McCullah's picture

I don't back up as ofter as I should, but I know that it is important.

Allan Simpson's picture

I use 2 external hard drives for a total of 3 hard drives. Every image is saved on at least 2 of the hard drives.

EF's picture

I use both CDs & an external drive. Why limit responses to only two alternatives?

Brenton Cooper's picture

I use a Western Digital 1TB External HD for backup but I also back every shoot with DVD & CD too, maybe it's a little extreme, but backing up images is very important to me.

Sam Noto's picture

I started backing up on CDS then switched to Externals, then decided to backup to two externals in case one fails. Well my Backup system failed, in one day two Externals Failed and I lost many files! I will begin to back up on DVDS and EXternal. The way I see it theres no safe way! Like to know if someone has a sure way to save files as easy as Film.

Harry Tarzian's picture

I recently had a 500g hard drive pack up on me It contained 370 gigs of data. Fortunately I had purchased the drobo system and my data was saved. I guess one might say it is prudent to backup the backup.

Bob Humphrey's picture

I have found ProDrive and Maxtor external drives the easiest and most reliable to use. A 1T drive works for me.

W.F.  Pontius's picture

In addition, I use a HP Mediasmart Home Server as a backup.

Rene's picture

I don't trust online back-up. I do save my family images to DVDs in addition to two 1TB hard drives. I back up bi-weekly.

Daniel Winger's picture

I have two external HD's, DVD's and smugmug to backup all of my photos.

Eugene Coggins's picture

Finished and very important images get an archival gold DVD backup.

William Thompson's picture

I use Time Machine on my iMac Duo Intel to back up on a Western Digital 1 T HD.

Jim Creese's picture

I use a great, inexpensive application called Second Copy to schedule and back up my images to an external hard drive. It keeps as many versions of files as I specify and then allows me to take my external HDD out of the house for safe keeping.

CW Garre's picture

I have three (3) external Hard drives. After images are downloaded from my Pentax onto my computer, I then back-up to all 3 external HD on Lightroom 2. After images are adjusted in either Lightroom2 or Photoshop CS2, I then put the finished product on 2 sets of DVD's. I used to keep negatives, now I keep everything on and off site to protect them.

Glenn Richards's picture

Nef's of DVD's, then Tiff's on DVD's & finally PSD's on DVD's. Each image in PSD is saved as a 4X6, a nosharp & (for the best) an enlargement. PSD's are then saved on an external HD.

John H.'s picture

I have had failures in a number of external drives but live in hope that they will improve.

Joel Schneiderman's picture

I was making cd backups, however, I know place them on my extra hard drive.

David Jones's picture

I have them on DVD & External hard Drive after dealing with digital for years dual backup is the only way to go.

Kim's picture

I save them on the original memory card as my main backup and purchase new cards, just like I would new rolls of film. I also print all of my favorite prints and save them in albums.

Ervin's picture

Local external hard drive plus online backup service.

Arthur Kull's picture

I use i-Drive for online back-up.

Ken 's picture

I use both NAS storage and a new Windows Home server for backing up with automated daily backups run to each device.