Please comment briefly on your backup strategy.

Please comment briefly on your backup strategy.
I have them on the hard drive and will back them up some day.
29% (155 votes)
CDs and DVDs
20% (108 votes)
External hard drive
49% (261 votes)
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 538

Will Siler's picture

I backup to 2 different external hard drives.

John Galgano's picture

After losing 1/2 my pictures, I now backup after every new download. It will eat you up when you lose great pictures.

Internet's picture

I am paranoid about losing images so I use a combination of the above. I copy onto an external hard drive and make 2 CDs (now DVDs). One CD I keep in my office and the other in another location. Too much duplication? Works for me.

Tony's picture

I use a Rade 1 configuration on my PC (that means I have a second Hard drive that looks just like the original so, if one goes down I have a backup. I all so back all my files to an external USB drive.

Jerry Schmitz's picture

Initially I immediately back up to a second hard drive. As soon as time permits I transfer a copy to a CD or DVD and file it away.

Fredric Fink's picture

External hard drive is more convienent than CDs or DVDs.

John W.  Rivard's picture

I download cards to the internal hard drive and back up the entire folder to a DVD. After processing, the "keeper" files are filed and backed up on separate external hard drives.

Fran Saunders's picture

I use a small Passport working drive and two external HDs devoted solely to my photography.

W.L.  Freeman Jr's picture

I backup my image files on secondary internal hard drive and an external hard drive and DVD's that I keep in a safe.

Graham Cotton's picture

When travelling I back-up to laptop and on return to base move files to external hard drive.

Nelson's picture

I use both CD's and two external hard drives.

Dale Lambers's picture

I wrote a small executable that backs up my files and saved it on my hard drive. I then added it to the scheduler in the os. Now my files are backed up automaticaly every week.

Al Thom's picture

One on my desk and one in the safe.

Tom McElvy's picture

Actually, I take a multi-pronged approach: I back up to an external hard drive, I use the Carbonite online service, and I backup to my son's network server about 300 miles away from my location.

Peggy Coleman's picture

I don't do it often enough, but I like to also store them on CD's or DVD's.

Hal's picture

Also kept on external hard drive so I have easier access to the current photos.

Tommie Holt's picture

It is just so much easier to back up to an external hard drive. CD's & DVD's are OK but then you have to label and store.

Mike DeFrancesco's picture

I use a Western Digital external drive with recently added Memeo software. It works pretty good so far.

Chuck Conkling's picture

My photos are backed up on my server and online with Carbonite as well as on DVDs.

Steve L.'s picture

Keep full back-up (raw & final jpegs) on external hard drive; keep 2nd set of final jpegs on CDs in safe.

Betty's picture

I back up to two external hard drives.

Byron Lentz's picture

Don't keep up with it like I should.

Jim Long's picture

Before removing from my camera's memory card, I backup photos on two different MAM-A (Mitsui) archival gold CD's, stored in two different places.

John's picture

I also have another external drive that gets backed up to less often but it kept in fire safe.

Ron Farley's picture

Have them on the Hard drive at home, the hard drive at work, external hard drive and usb flash drives.

Barb Wilson-Inman's picture

I back up using all three, my hard drive, external drive and CDs.

Robert S.'s picture

They go onto a portable hard drive right after I put them into the computer, then DVD's.

George Frenchman's picture

CD's and external hard drive.

Greg Mennegar's picture

I use a free tool called SyncBack that keeps the contents of the main drive and backup drive up to date and I also backup online.

Johny ALives's picture

I do not trust on line, with what happened recently with some companies going belly up. I do save everything on two different external hd drives, one I take with me when I am away to avoid possible theft.