Please comment briefly on this topic.

Please comment briefly on this topic.
) Yes I would and I think that we should encourage manufacturing here in the US.
71% (234 votes)
Not necessarily; I would buy based on other considerations.
29% (94 votes)
Total votes: 328

Kurt Reinhardt's picture

What America needs right now is a well made camera proudly manufactured in the USA!

Bob's picture

I'd love to see a product of this type designed and manufactured in the U.S. It would mean jobs for some and another option for consumers. This product segment is so over populated with Asian products (along with so many other segments) I wonder if the only thing we can make here in the U.S.

Tom Malatino's picture

Assuming it is decent quality and has good performance I would definitely consider it!

Hal's picture

This is a good idea, but I question the greed that got us into this economic mess. I would need some assurance that I had good value for the money, and that labor was not exploited for the sake of "made in the USA."

Bruce's picture

If the media would stop downplaying American quality, there would be a lot more American production.

Doug Campbell's picture

Until US manufactureres start building to a standard instead of a price, I think they would only produce second rate products.

Dave's picture

US based manufactures compete against the Nikon, Canon giants and produce quality? I doubt ever will happen. If it does, will consider.

Kent Swanson's picture

Although a "family oriented" digital camera is not exactly where my photographic interests lie, I am all for US products being produced by US workers. I might even be willing to buy one as a gift and pay a little more, provided the product quality and performance at least matched that of the comparable foreign manufactured competition.

Patrick N.  Lyons's picture

It would be neet to have an American made camera but the unions would kill it like General Motors! In the mean time, I'll stay with Nikon!

Stephen R.  Steinberg's picture

Although I agree with your aspirations for American manufacturing, I think your conclusion is naive. The only way we could really compete is if a Japanese manufacturer opened a plant in the US, like Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, MB. We dont have the ability to manufacture any hard goods that would compete with the foreign manufactures.

Rosemary J.  Lambin's picture

This would help create jobs in the U.S, and if more people had jobs, more people would be able to purchase the products.

John C.  Driskill's picture

Depends on price and what it is. If its a point and shoot, no. DSLR, maybe.

R.  Jeffrey O'Bannon's picture

Let's buy American!! Get this economy back on track.

Richard Baker's picture

Ultimately, my camera choices are based on features that are important to me - image quality, fast and accurate focus, no shutter lag, etc. I would be willing to pay somewhat more for a US-made camera as long as it can meet my needs.

Robert Iversen's picture

The key question is what constitutes family oriented? I believe this means appeal to various levels of experience with Photography. It should be kid friendly with some basic big buttons, image stabalization, quick focus, large ISO capability, and yet can allow for some advance features the folks who want manual settings or advanced settings. The ability to capture in RAW would be good, too. I suspect to do all of this and be impact resistent, the cost will be around $400 to $600. If you can get the quality and simplicity factors, you will have a win-win situation.

Joseph Manuella's picture

We have so many Photographers but no manufacturing, I would love to see digital cameras start to come out of the US.

Sandra Robbins's picture

But it would have to be comparable with the features available on DSLR cameras out there now. I definitely think we should encourage manufacturing here in the US.

M.  Alvarez's picture

Country of origin is not an important factor; quality and features, as well as support, are primary considerations.

Michael D.  McGuire's picture

Assuming the camera suited my needs, or even came close, I would try to buy one. I, for one, would love to have a DSLR without so many bells and whistles - something simple, but rugged and capable of making high-quality images.

Daniel McIntyre's picture

You bet I would. There is absolutely no reason we cannot build cameras here as good as any in the world and the economic benefits would go to our fellow citizens.

Ron Anderson's picture

The quality and features would have to equal to or better than imported, but would be willing to pay a little more for made in USA if I had to.

Marshall's picture

If the quality and price were reasonable Absolutely! I would think that if it were mid range and easy to use it would be successful.

J.S.  Tummins's picture

I'm tired of everything being put together from foreign sources. I would certainly consider paying more if we had an "American" camera.

Bob's picture

It would have to be competitive with similar cameras. I wouldn't buy it just because it was made in USA.

Joe Patton's picture

I always strive to buy American whenever possible. Although increasingly difficult, it can still be done. If there where a digital camera built here that was of good quality and easy for the whole family to use I would definitely go for it. Shoot, even if there was a Pro/Ameture digital camera U.S. built I would try to get it.

Robert Johnson's picture

It would be too costly to develop the manufacturing facility, purchase the raw materials, and find someone to work for a competitive wage.

Michael D.  Miller's picture

It depends on the quality, features, speed, and price. I reviewed and tried a Kodak digital 5+ years ago before I bought my Nikon D70. I didn't like the lag in the viewfinder while moving the camera, nor the shutter lag.

John A.  Garcia's picture

As long as the objective was a good and excellent camera, no short cuts in making it. Be the best. We have become a nation of consmetion rather than production.

Mel Reimer's picture

There's no doubt that a domestic digital SLR would be nice, especially since Kodak is a leading innovator & manufacturer of digital camera sensors. But building all the components such as lenses, flash, acessories, etc. would be an extreme uphill journey fraught with huge challenges with a history already decades old & against an industry in the Orient & Europe that won't be easily outdone.