Please comment briefly on this topic.

Please comment briefly on this topic.
) Yes I would and I think that we should encourage manufacturing here in the US.
71% (234 votes)
Not necessarily; I would buy based on other considerations.
29% (94 votes)
Total votes: 328

William Stearman's picture

I buy only the best quality cameras, now if a company in the US made one that stood toe to toe with the best then yes I would buy the US one.

Donnie G.'s picture

Cellphone cameras already own that turf. Every member of the family has one, and they are considered essential to life on the planet as we know it. They are always at hand and ready to use. Picture quality is not really an issue, since it's the instant gratification the user receives from being able to upload that murky pic of aunt Jane and e-mail it to everybody in your address book for fun that is making the camera phone King. Besides, do we really want Kodak to design another faux Canon, Nikon, or Sigma DSLR?

Jenni A.'s picture

Nothing holds up like good old American made product!

R.Turner's picture

I have Digital Cameras and 8 Film Cameras. Won't need another until something really different comes along.

Mr Lee's picture

It's the only real way to turn our economy around- NOT government bailouts.

Zal Lazkovich's picture

It's a DREAM to see something like a camera with a proud beautiful label - "Made in USA" It might start a new industrial revolution for USA. Lets not forget that the brain power and creativity is still here.

Steve Paulson's picture

All products sold in this country should be targeted for a return to our shores.

Terry Donnelly's picture

We need to make more stuff in the USA!

Len Speier's picture

George: As usual, your ideas make good sense. ANYTHING that brings jobs back to the USA is a grand idea.

Doug Sandstad's picture

I always prefer to purchase locally-made products.

Nolan Foss's picture

Unfortuneatly, it would also depend on price as I am on a fixed income.

K.  Enborg's picture

I live in Michigan and have seen the effect of job loses on communities. If the product is good I would buy it. It would be preferable to documenting misery with a comparable foreign made camera.

Robert Snell's picture

We just can't continue to be consumers or none of us will be able to afford a camera no matter where it is manufactured. Greed and cheap labor in other countries is destroying this country. We better wake-up.

Siegi Niedermair's picture

It is a great idea. if Honda can build cars in Canada, featuring a higher quality standard than their Japanese built units and sell them at a very competitive price, a Kodak or Pentax could do the same thing for cameras. To keep the initial investment cost down, it would have to be a mechanically simple camera, relying more on electronics. Certain parts will, nevertheless, have to be imported, but in time it could be a truly American camera.

Mike's picture

Quality and price determine what I purchase. Who wants to buy a poorly made product just because my neighbor made it.

Herbert N.  Sodher's picture

Yes, if it was of high quality and modern technology.

Chris's picture

Certainly there are some extremely good products made in the USA, but on the whole my experience has been of poor quality.

Steven Minardi's picture

i would also buy a DSLR made here if there was one available.

Claes Rudbeck's picture

I agree with the statement "we should encourage manufacturing here in the US", but breaking in on a market well developed by other manufacturer it has to be a proven quality and technology breakthrough before I would consider it.

Herschel Copeland's picture

Quality, ease of use and price would be deciding factors.

Jim Keegan's picture

Quality would be first consideration

Rob's picture

I would definitely buy an affordable camera that was made in the USA. I would prefer to buy only stuff that is made in the USA, but it is hard to find anything that is made here anymore.

Jim Atyeo's picture

Excellent idea. I was just saying this to one of my photo classes recently.

Ed's picture

I encourage and support anything made in the USA.

Joel Gilgoff's picture

I always buy based on the best specs and reviews.

Danny Damrel's picture

As with any other camera, made anywhere, I would buy only based on how well it was rated.

PhotoGuy's picture

I would buy one but can we afford one? The first attempt would have to be as good or better than the big names and aligned closely in price. Miracles do happen though!

Bill Porter's picture

Quality, quality, quality!

Quikshot's picture

Must be competitive in cost and quality to imports, be digital, small, water-and-dust-resitiant, very durable, with a lense of 35mm-to-135mm, and wireless USB laptop compatabile.

Tony's picture

Not really. I use an SLR which is already 10 miles ahead of whatever digital point & shoot is in first place.