Please comment briefly on how you continue to educate yourself on all the changes occuring in photography.

Please comment briefly on how you continue to educate yourself on all the changes occuring in photography.
I am self-taught and use books, magazines, peers and online resources.
94% (216 votes)
I attend workshops and/or courses at a school.
5% (11 votes)
I use online courses from online schools, web sites and manufacturers.
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 230

JoAnne Kidnay's picture

Books, magazines and recently the internet have been my primary source of knowledge outside of the School of Hard Knocks. Have been doing photography for over 50 years and enjoying it more and more with today's technology.

Michael Williams's picture

Just bought a Nikon D80. My old camera was a Nikon EL2. Nikon has been very good to work with and am very impressed with the D80.

Tim Wilson's picture

I also attend workshops, take classes and buy videos if relevant.

Frank Schneider's picture

I would love to attend courses and workshops but I don't have time.

Brian Johnson's picture

I wish I knew of more educatioal opportunities available in my area, even self-directed courses would be of great value.

Peggy Coleman's picture

Actually, I cannot use just one response to this question. I learned on my own, have attended courses locally at a university, also have taken online courses. Magazines were my main resource in the 1970's. I don't think I could keep up without all the availability of info out there now. I'm a perpetual student!

Billy Payne's picture

Actually I use a combination of all of the above. I did get an Associate Degree in Photography when there was "no" digital. After studying digital for over two years, I took the plunge this past January with a Nikon D200, so far it's great! Thank you.

Justine MacDonald's picture

Although I would love to take courses/workshops, there are only a smattering in my area.

Howard's picture

I've been a photographer for 60 years. I got my first camera, an Argus C-3 for a Bar-Mitzvah present, and have been hooked ever since then. I've had a few darkroom, and many cameras, over the years, and now am strictly digital.

Dennis's picture

I subscribe to Shutterbug, Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo and Digital Photo Pro.

Colin Elliott's picture

Mainly self taught/teaching but got my initial grounding from my father; a professional photographer.

Janice S's picture

While I am self taught, I plan to augment my knowledge through attending workshops.

Clifford's picture

My overpacked schedule does not afford me the opportunity to either sit in a class or a seminar most times, so I have taught myself most of what I know, and learned others from reading when time permits aor talking with peers.

George H.'s picture

I read all the books and magazines that I can get my hands on, and I attend a course/seminar every couple years.

Raymond Shaw's picture

I would like to find an online school, but I am not sure which is worth wile.

Ed Wiliams's picture

I'm a paraprofessional in the art dept at a community college & benefit from the expertise of instructors & advanced students. I have little time to read the many photo magazines available here.

Lawrence Humphrey's picture

Initially I purchased and studied alot of how-to books, but now I purchase and study mostly photography and art books by my favorite photographer and artists. I read a number of magazines and online resources to educate myself about technique and equipment.

Brenton Cooper's picture

Trained as an Army aerial photographer I was sent to Ft. Huachuca, AZ to train in aerial photograpghy mapping skills and portrait work.

Gurpreet Singh's picture

I am still learning. Online resources to keep up with the latest. Buy an occasional magazine to read. Not too many magazine left out there that have any qualitative material, they all have adds and reviews which sound more like "pitches", but occasionally they do go techniques, which is why I end up buying it.

Jim Sipos's picture

I have gone back to film. It is more rewardihg to make a photograph right to begin with than to hav e to adjust with software.