Please comment briefly on the features you look for in a desktop photo printer.

Please comment briefly on the features you look for in a desktop photo printer.
Yes, my choice would be pigment over dye-based inks.
52% (46 votes)
No, I would base my choice upon price and paper size capabilities.
19% (17 votes)
Not sure of the differences between the two.
29% (26 votes)
Total votes: 89

David Wilson's picture

My understanding is that I get better longevity with pigmented inks. My last two printers have been pigmented.

Damon Crawley's picture

I just recently purchased an Epson R1800 for the exact reason that it was pigmented ink. Now I don't like that Epsons use more ink than Canons, but Epson has more paper options and print longevity.

Dave's picture

Initial cost and operating costs would also be a factor in the decision making.

Ed Mall's picture

I already have since I now use Epson; and purchased it for the inks. Great prints!!!

John T.  Marsh's picture

Dyes are not waterproof and fade in most cases.

George F.  Nachtigall's picture

I like Inkjet, but am not sure what the difference between pigment over dye-based inks predicates. Please inform.

Dick Mannis's picture

Accurate color, speed, ink management(seperate color tanks), fast drying, reasonable price, and reliabilty are the features needed.

Euin Swafford's picture

Already have an Epson R1800 which replaced a Canon dye-based printer. I have added the Media Street Niagara inking system, and am highly pleased with the result. Ink cost is WAY down, print quality is excellent, and 100+ years archival life is wanted. Barring mechanical failure, it will take a MAJOR improvement in equipment to make me change now.

Chrysta Gejdos's picture

I'm new to the world of desktop printing (specifically, meaning photographs) but what I mainly look for is accessible toner/print cartridges (not necessarily cheaper just easy to find/buy) and, of course, a printer that prints next-to-professional quality prints (comparing to, say, London Drugs). Cost is not an issue but quality is.

Robert MacLeay's picture

Actually, I just did within the last month. The media I print on dictate the use of pigment based inks.

Herman F.  Woerner's picture

I like the pigment inks for their greater permanence. With Epson K3 the previous issues of metamarism are no longer a problem.

Charlie Collins 's picture

Image quality, both color and B&W, is my main criteria for a printer, size being second.

Sara Goodnick's picture

Price, reliability, professional quality prints, ability to use various paper types and sizes, plus ease of use are all important to me.

Joe Dlhopolsky's picture

I understand that the pigment-based inks will work better with fine art paper. That's a plus for me.

Don's picture

Price will be a factor but lasting images is very important in family pics especially!

Steven Jenkins's picture

The total cost (printer, ink, paper, etc) and the functionality (how well it works, paper size, etc) are the drivers for my decisions. I have not seen a great dye sub that will produce the large prints I want. Am I missing something?

Brad Steinagel's picture

If I'm not mistaken, Epson offers a couple models that can take both dye- and pigment-based inks. Besides, with each new generation of inks, consumers are able to make prints that have increased saturation and resistance to fading.

David Sarti's picture

Dye, pigment, crome??? Sounds like another magazine article to me.

Ronk's picture

I will probably wait until my current printer dies. I usually upload to a service for proofing and enlargements.

Tom's picture

I will also be looking for a wider format like the Epson R1800 or R2400. I'm currently leaning toward the R2400 for its b&w capability along with excellent color + of course 13" wide format.

Graham Glover's picture

Being a fine art landscape photographer I need inks that form well on various archival papers and assure longevity of 70 plus years.

David A.  Belew's picture

Definately pigment inks for their archival properties.

Ken T.'s picture

I have problems with the pictures fading with my dye-based printer. Pigment-ink will fix this problem?

Mike Foschi's picture

I base my choice on the size of the printer,ink,paper size, type of paper,and price.

R.  Maupin's picture

I'll take "Quality Longevity" over short term quality any day!