Please briefly describe what programs you use and how they have done the job for you.

Please briefly describe what programs you use and how they have done the job for you.
I have settled on one program that I use consistently to handle all my work, cataloging and editing.
30% (16 votes)
I use one software programs to catalog my work, and then open them in separate software for manipulation.
54% (29 votes)
I am still seeking the best solution.
17% (9 votes)
Total votes: 54

John Jankowski's picture

Photoshop CS3 and NX2 and reading as much as i can from magazines (shutterbug,etc.) and online tips and forums.

Dave's picture

I use the Preview function in Windows to preview full sized jpegs, then drag the selected RAW files into a dated folder for processing. After processing they go into subject matter folders and I move the RAW files to an archive.

Eric Hill's picture

I use Photoshop Elements 7. It keeps track of a growing number of photos, 3000 or so now. I think this program works great for my needs as an amateur.

Dennis's picture

Cataloging and most editing is done in Lightroom, and the Photoshop is used for the little remaining manipulation. Mostly for the things that can't be done yet in Lightroom.

Herbert McCoy's picture

I use Photo Shop Elements 8 to organize my photos in folders by subject, then I copy those folders onto CD's and make a back-up copy and keep that back-up copy in my safe deposit box at the bank. I back-up at least once a week. I shoot approximately 500 to 1000 shots a week.

Ed Law's picture

Now using iPhoto for organizing and basic editing then PSE 8 for more advanced. But, not at all sure that's the best.

Dennis Logue's picture

Lightroom 2 does 90% of the job for me. When I want to get into extensive editing I do move over to Photoshop but normal work flow is usually in LR2.

John Hammond's picture

I use Thumbs Plus to manage and Capture One 5 Pro to edit.

Bob Hall's picture

I use Lightroom, CS3, The Rename, and sometimes IrfanView. Qimage for printing.

Michael Smith's picture

I love Lightroom and use it for almost all my image editing unless I need something only Photoshop can do.

Sue Anderson's picture

I love lightroom.

Shandie's picture

I use Lightroom 90% of the time for both editing and cataloguing, but some things just demand some photoshopping!

Gene's picture

I use Photoshop Elements Organizer to catalog and manage images (+8,000) and either CS4 or Elements Editor to process individual images.

Leslie Glandon's picture

I use IPhoto to catalog my work and Photoshop CS3 to manipulate it.

Hans Zeller's picture

I use Lightroom (also use Photoshop occasionally for more difficult editing jobs). Lightroom really streamlines the process of editing hundreds of pictures from a trip very well.

Ed Frazee's picture

I use ACDSee and it fits the way I work. I create folders that are logical to me and the search capabilities of the software allow me to find anything that I am looking for. I have over 7,000 images.

David Lomas's picture

I have found Photoshop Elements to work for me, nothing I don't need and not $700.

Phillip Tomlin's picture

I want a specialized software for each effort, that I feel will be robust, have all the capabilities to do their task well, and can handle the various file formats and quantity of photos I have. Off-line photo management is a necessity. At this time I'm using CS4 for editing and looking at ACDSEE Photo Manager (not Pro because I don't want editing in the managing software). I've always been amazed that there isn't a powerful photo manager that tries not to be a 'do-it-all, edit, upload, and manage' software.

Edward Harlovic's picture

I use adobe lightroom.