Please briefly comment on your engagement with social networks and photography.

Please briefly comment on your engagement with social networks and photography.
I have yet to get involved.
35% (25 votes)
I interface with numerous networks and use it as a way to share my images.
42% (30 votes)
I have no interest in that.
23% (16 votes)
Total votes: 71

Kata Conway's picture

Professional images have a certain place to be viewed, and having their gallery be a social networking site downsizes them to the status of "amatuer".

Will 's picture

At the beguining I was not interested on such networks. But now I really get involve in Online Communities in way to help the other members.

Hal B.'s picture

It was hard to vote with the pop-up that refused to close. But I soldiered on anyway. At least allow them to be closed.

John Manning's picture

I just don't "Get" social networking web sites. They seem to turn adults into adolescent girls. What is the point of using things like Facebook and Twitter?

Mark Garbutt's picture

I have joined , but do not sit around waiting to talk to someone. I do not my share my images, that is why I have set up a web site.

Charles Carstensen's picture

Seems like a waste of time. OK for kids.

Tim's picture

I am on facebook but do not use it to share images since they are so often stolen.

benahswet's picture

Yup I quite agree with your comment there are lot of spammer on Facebook they always stolen original photos, that's why i also never use this procedure.
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Jeff's picture

I am hesitant, because I am worried that my images may be taken and used without my consent.

Bonnie Rannald's picture

I post some of my photos on Flickr and have just set up a group page on Facebook where I can get fans. I will see how it goes when the art season starts.

Tim Barton's picture

I use Flickr!, Facebook, and Imagekind to post my photography, learn, and interact with other photographers, as well as family and friends.

Hans Maerker's picture

I'm currently mulling about taking my professional photography to Facebook and create there a pro page for my business.

M.A.  Stough's picture

I really don't see the point unless this (photography) is your profession...then, it might be one way to network and create business clients. Normally I'm too busy with ordinary life to sit at a computer chatting through realtime email message interfaces.

Jamie's picture

Never heard about it until now.

Skipper Jay's picture

Briefly tried Fadebook. Have no interest in knowing what someone had for lunch. Email is fine with me.

Jürgen's picture

I share the occasional photo, usually topic-driven, on Facebook, but think that photos belong on dedicated sites.

F.  Stopper's picture

Signed up on many, haven't actively started yet.

Sharon's picture

I have just begun. I think I am ready to dive in.

Dan Tubbs, Jr.'s picture

I am on Facebook and Picture Social, although I spend more time on Picture Social because it is designed for photographers.

Elwood's picture

I have limited exposure. Facebook and a few relatives and friends are my subjects and recipients of images. Most pictures I see are cell phone pictures by the under 30s.

Kim's picture

I limit the number and quality of photos I upload to my Facebook page. Instead I post a link to my Deviantart site.

Warren Still's picture

Last September I took a ride with a group of friends to attend a popular motorcycle rally in Fayetteville, AR. One of my friends was eager to see my photos and asked me to put them on Facebook. I had never used a social site before. However, I found it easy to create an account and post albums. It provided a new and unexpected avenue to share my work and receive feed back, which has inspired a new direction in my creative process. It made me aware of how important a tool the web has become, especially in the development of online portfolios and personal websites.

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Matthew's picture

Putting pictures of landscape or products online is fine. People is not. Facial recognition software scares me.

Nella Balda's picture

Networking is very important for a photographer, it is a great way to share your passion and art with other intrested artists.

JR Sullivan's picture

I share my photos with friends and family through my Facebook page, and alert my client "friends" to new photos on my photography website that are for sale. Its a great marketing tool and an inexpensive way to stay conected / up to date with your customers.

Natalie Tuggle's picture

Facebook and blogger is where I'm starting to communicate with potential clients and other photographers. Eventaully I will also open a twitter account.

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