Photos Shot in 10 Seconds vs Photos Shot in 10 Minutes: Which Look Better? (VIDEO)

Sometimes there's just no time to shoot a photo. Sometimes you're lucky to have 10 minutes to do a photo shoot and other times you're grateful to get even 10 seconds. (Those annoying celebrities sure are busy!)

But occasionally, having less time results in better photos. You worry less and shoot better. Photographers Jessica Kobeissi and Brandon Woelfel decided to put this premise to the test in a "10 Second Photoshoot vs 10 Minute Photoshoot" challenge.

"In today's video we explore having literally NO time for a photoshoot, versus having a LOT of time," Kobeissi says. "We do a photoshoot in 10 seconds, then in 10 minutes!"

She adds that she got the idea for the video while watching artist Mo Selim Art draw Spiderman in ten minutes, one minute and ten seconds.

Check out Kobeissi's time-restricted photo challenge below and let us know which images you think look better: those crafted in ten minutes or those blasted out in ten seconds. Then go visit Kobessi's channel for more fun photography videos.