Photographer Approaches a Stranger for a Portrait Shoot & You’ll Be Surprised at the Results (VIDEO)

What happens when you pack your gear, head out for a portrait session, and your model is a no-show? Well, if you’re a quick thinking photographer and willing to step out of your comfort zone, you find a willing stranger and make some stunning images. And if the stranger happens to be beautiful, consider that a bonus!

That’s exactly what happened recently to Ben Bach, an Australian pro specializing in portrait and wedding photography. Bach was already on site with a new 24mm f/1.2 lens he wanted to test when he received the last-minute cancellation from his model. So instead of rescheduling, he approached a number of total strangers to see if they were willing to pose.

Fortunately he found Asha sitting on a bench, and she was more than willing to comply. And their chemistry and resulting images were so good they ending up shooting for an hour. In the behind-the-scenes video below you’ll see how it all transpired, and pick up some valuable tips on posing, composition, equipment, and more.

Bach also got lucky because the outfit worn by his impromptu “model” worked really well with the surroundings. If you give this a try, keep in mind that both you and your subject will likely be outside your comfort zones (unless you happen upon an experienced model). So you’ll want to proceed calmly, make your subject as comfortable as possible, and suggest a variety of poses that make her feel natural and relaxed.

As you’ll see in the video, another trick is to periodically hand the camera to your model, so she can appreciate the images. After completing the shoot Bach demonstrates a simple editing technique for refining the shots and giving them a signature look.

There are plenty more portrait how-to videos on Bach’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out yesterday’s portrait shootout, comparing images made with both expensive and budget-priced gear.