Photograph August’s Rare Solar Eclipse like a Boss with This 6-Minute Video Tutorial

Back in April we explained how to photograph the upcoming August 21 total solar eclipse that will be the first such event viewable from coast to coast in the U.S. since 1918. Because this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we thought we’d share the quick video below with more tips on capturing epic images of this rare phenomenon.

In just six minutes expert photographer Tony Northrup walks you through everything you need to know about protecting your eyes and your camera’s sensor from the sun’s damaging rays, and the best equipment to use to capture this momentous event.

Northrup reviews lens choice, camera modes, and the best exposure settings to use for maximizing sharpness while minimizing diffraction. He also demonstrates a unique method of using a tripod to keep the sun in the frame, and provides a map so you’ll know the best time to shoot the eclipse and how long it will last from wherever you live.

You can find other handy tips on the Tony & Chelsea YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our earlier story about photographing this rare event. And then start practicing!