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Small, Lightweight Rechargeable Qflash Base
New from Quantum is the Turbo Compact, a rechargeable power supply unit that screws onto the base of a Quantum Qflash. Said to be the smallest Turbo yet, it weighs just 16 oz and packs nearly the same power as the standard Turbo. The remaining charge capacity is visibly displayed on a "fuel gauge" so the photographer is not caught unaware. It recharges in just 11/2 hours and the gauge will show the charging process. It offers a remote-controlled flash system for powering both the FreeXwire and Qflash to provide extra lighting in any situation. The MSRP for the Turbo Compact is $512. Contact: Quantum Instruments, Inc., 1075 Stewart Ave., Garden City, NY 11530; (516) 222-6000; fax: (516) 222-0569;

Pelican: Cube Case & Brighter, Submersible LED Flashlight
The new Pelican 20" Cube Case is said to offer features not previously available in hard-side cases. The most distinct feature is optional castors that easily snap onto the base plate for easier transportation. When shipping the case, they can be removed and stored inside. Deep channels in the lid permit another Cube to be stacked on top. Since the Cube Case is squarish, it's extra deep so it's possible to layer divider sets or foam to protect the contents. It retains all the features found on other Pelican cases, such as water and dustproof neoprene o-ring seals, an automatic purge valve, and new double-throw latches capable of withstanding 400 lbs of strain. It carries a lifetime guarantee and has a MSRP of $375.

Also, Pelican's new Super SabreLite LED flashlight uses innovative technology to produce a light beam that is said by the company to be 33 times brighter than the nearest competition. Recoil LED Technology directs the LED light into the reflector by aiming it backward. This design also produces a beam free from scattered peripheral light, which increases the capability to cut through obscure surroundings such as smoke and fog and low-visibility environments encountered by divers. It provides light for up to 10,000 hours and has 50 percent greater battery life. The o-ring sealed flashlight body is made from ABS plastic with a polycarbonate lens and is the first submersible LED light for diving to depths down to 500 ft. The MSRP for the Super SabreLite LED is $70. Contact: Pelican Products, Inc., 23215 Early Ave., Torrance, CA 90505; (800) 473-5422 (outside CA), (310) 326-4700 (within CA); fax: (310) 326-3311;

Digital Power Supply For Norman 900 Lampheads
The Norman D24 is a 2400 ws, fan-cooled power supply featuring four lamphead outlets with digital displays. Power settings are adjusted through two channels, each having a five-stop range, and a recycle time of 2.4 seconds at full power. Soft-push buttons control most functions while rotary knobs control power output and modeling light levels. Compatible with over 100 Norman accessories and light modifiers, the D24 weighs only 18 lbs and has a footprint of 7.5x12". Contact: Photo Control Corporation, 4800 Quebec Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55428; (800) 787-8078, (763) 537-3601; fax: (763) 537-2852;

Gitzo Leveling And Ultra-Compact Tripods
Gitzo, the firm that produced the first carbon-fiber tripods, has introduced two leveling tripods and an ultra-compact tripod. They are said to make every shot easier, especially when the tripod is used on an uneven surface. The Gitzo G1227LVL ($668) and G1228LVL ($715) permit the user to level the tripod without having to adjust the length of the tripod legs. Just one twist of a knob allows the adjustment of the center column +/- 12Þ. This is especially important when being used for video, panoramic, or virtual reality photography. These LVL carbon-fiber tripods are 30 percent lighter than aluminum, have a center column spirit level, and a convenient hook below the column for hanging a camera bag. The three-section G1227LVL has a maximum height of 63.8", collapses down to 13.4", and weighs 3.84 lbs, yet will hold a load of 17.6 lbs. The four-section G1228LVL has a maximum height of 61" and minimum height of 12.6" and the same weight and load factor. The ultra-compact G0027 carbon fiber ($292) is said to be ideal for compact film and digital cameras. It weighs less than 1 lb and easily fits into most camera bags or briefcases when collapsed to only 11.8". This three-section model extends to 28.3" and handles a maximum load of 5.5 lbs. Contact: Bogen Imaging Inc., 565 East Crescent Ave., Ramsey, NJ 07446;
(201) 818-9500; fax: (201) 818-9177;

Novoflex ClassicBall 5
The Novoflex ClassicBall 5 is said to be the first ball head to have three vertical 90Þ openings, a new AFC (Advanced Friction Control) system for precise repeatable friction preset and absolutely no change of ball position during locking. The Novoflex ClassicBall 5 is an all-metal design with matte-titanium finish. With it, the camera can swing smoothly through 180Þ vertically with no loss of stability. AFC permits the user to set the friction on a setting ring at the center of the ball head to set the correct braking rate even before attaching a camera and lens. It has two camera threads (1/4" and 3/8") and is permanently grease-free. It weighs 1.9 lbs, supports up to 26.5 lbs, and carries a street price of $500. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., 16 Chapin Rd., Pine Brook, NJ 07058; (800) 735-4373; fax: (800) 282-9010;

Inexpensive Compact Film/ Digital Camera Pouches
Brand new from Lowepro are the Rezo-series of small camera pouches for both digital and film point-and-shoot cameras. Six different models offer a custom fit for various size cameras by using a stretch fabric designed to hug the camera and provide protection without bulkiness. There is room for essential accessories such as memory cards and batteries. A SlipLock attachment tab permits attaching the pouch to the belt or any SlipLock compatible Lowepro product. They are available for a very reasonable MSRP price range of $10-$17. Contact: Lowepro, 3171 Guerneville Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95401; (707) 575-4363; fax: (707) 575-4389;

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