Photo Basics: Create Winning Images NOW with These Simple Tips for Better Composition (VIDEO)

Henri Cartier Bresson, the French master of candid photography, once said, “Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera.” The quick video below reviews three important composition techniques that will enable you to start creating more dynamic images today.

Photographer Peter McKinnon explains that the difference between a good image and a great one is often just a few minor tweaks in how you set up the shot. This principle applies to all types of shooting from portraiture and landscapes to wildlife and architectural photography.

McKinnon says “Photos with good composition are just easier to look at and have something about them that makes you say ‘Ah, that’s a great photo.’” First on his list is the concept of framing, and he describes the importance of finding natural frames and leading lines to direct a viewer’s eye to the most important aspect in the scene.

Tip number two involves the notion of perspective, and McKinnon explains that you don’t always have to photograph a scene head on. Instead of the standard eye-level approach, try composing an image from a high or low perspective, or shooting a bit more from the right or the left. By doing this you may discover something you didn’t see from a head-on perspective.

In his third tip, McKinnon urges you to carefully evaluate the light in a scene and use it to your advantage when composing the shot. After all, light is what the craft of photography is all about. Depending upon the effect you’re after, you use the even light in the shade, or take advantage of shadows and high contrast in direct sunlight.

Check out McKinnon’s YouTube channel for more helpful videos, and be sure to read our recent story with an additional five tips for better composition.

Via DIY Photography