Photo Basics: 9 Simple Composition Tips for More Dynamic Photographs (VIDEO)

Every so often it pays to bone up on your composition skills. That’s because subtle tweaks in how you frame a shot can make the difference between a good photograph and a great one.

In the six-minute tutorial below, photographer Nemanja Sekulic provides nine simple composition tips that will add impact to your images. As Sekulic says, “Mastering composition will make you a better photographer, and your images will look more interesting.”

Sekulic’s techniques include those with which you may be familiar, like the Rule of Thirds and the importance of not placing your main subject in the middle of the frame, as well as other composition tips he uses to capture dramatic images. He also demonstrates why sometimes it’s OK to break the rules.

You’ll learn how to use leading lines to guide a viewer’s eyes through the frame to the most import portion of a scene. He also illustrates how to use natural elements to frame a subject, what he calls the “Rule of Space,” and much more. So take a look and give these suggestions a try.

You can find more helpful tips on Sekulic’s YouTube channel, and in an image-editing tutorial we posted earlier, explaining the difference between Photoshop’s Vibrance and Saturation tools and how to use them.