Phase One Launches Capture One Pro 8 Imaging Software; Announces Subscription Plan

Phase One released Version 8 of its Capture One Pro at photokina this morning and the updated imaging software features a host of new tools designed to better process and edit Raw photo files. Phase One also said there’s a new subscription plan available for Capture One Pro 8 though, unlike the latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop, you can still buy the software outright.

Capture One Pro 8 features a new Film Grain tool, which is based on a “the interaction between light and silver halide to emulate the effects from analogue film,” according to Phase One. Capture One Pro 8 also adds Clone and Heal repair layers, which are designed to allow users to remove unwanted objects from images without degrading image quality or details.

The Local Adjustment tool in Capture One Pro 8 givse users more image control including localized white balance tweaks. There are also several new migration tools in Capture One Pro designed to make it easier for of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture to transition to Phase One’s software.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s new and enhanced in Capture One Pro 8.

New Features
Focus Meter in Live View
Import from Apple Aperture (for Mac)
Metadata Editing and Hierarchical Keywords
Film Grain
Repair Layers

Enhanced Features
Instant tethered capture
Live View
High Dynamic Range
Local Adjustments
Black & White Conversion
Customizable & Improved User Interface
Application Scripting

For a look at the new and improved features in Capture One Pro 8, visit:

To see Capture One Pro 8 in action, go to:

Subscription Plan

Phase One also announced a new subscription plan for Capture One Pro 8, an approach that garnered some controversy when Adobe introduced it with Photoshop CC.

Jan Christiansen, Phase One’s Chief Marketing Officer, said the subscription plan was only an option for Capture One Pro 8, not a requirement.

”With version 8, we have created an alternative to buying the software outright. Now photographers can choose to subscribe to Capture One Pro. For a modest recurring monthly fee, a subscription offers access to the latest and greatest of Capture One Pro, across minor and major updates,” Christiansen said. “No matter if you buy or subscribe to Capture One Pro you always have full local control of your images and the enhancements you make to them; there is no cloud complexity with Capture One Pro."

Pricing and Availability

You can buy Capture One Pro 8 now ( Mac and Windows) for $299 at Owners of older versions of Capture One Pro can upgrade for $99. Phase One is offering a grace period for users who purchased Capture One Pro 7 since August 16, 2014, , exempting them from the upgrade fee.

Subscriptions to Capture One Pro 8 are available now at As an introductory offer, a single-user subscription goes for $10 USD per month for a 12 month plan. Other subscription options are available at

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Great Review.

Killer features of Capture One Pro 8 for me:
- No need for Catalogs!
- Variants
- Multiple focus windows for image review or tethered shooting

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