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I have to agree with Lightchaser. I do like the scenery but the colors are a bit too oversaturated. I am a fan of HDR images. I am not being negative. I just think the natural beauty of the scenery would be best suited with less vibrance. Do you do every photo min High Dynamic Range and what program do you use?

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Capers66 - thanks very much always nice to be appreciated.

Lightchaser - Sorry to hear you "hate to be negative". The only enhancements in this shot are both mentioned, a polarizing filter and HDR. I don't know about you but I don't have the time or the knowledge to be adding clouds with Photoshop. So to clarify, there is nothing fake about this shot - enhanced yes but not fake.


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I hate to be negative, but to me it looks like you added clouds in photoshop in a pattern and ruined what could be a good picture. It doesn't look real like landscape photography should be. Sorry not a fan of fake landscapes.

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Everyday I look forward to seeing if anyone has left me any comments on my gallery. The next thing I look forward to is seeing what you're posting today. Great photography man!