Nikon’s Next Mirrorless Camera Will Have a Full-Frame Sensor According to R&D Director in Japan

There’s been growing anticipation of a new Nikon mirrorless camera, especially since the company’ Nikon 1 interchangeable lens mirrorless system with its tiny CX-format sensor hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. And a recently published interview with Tetsuro Goto, Nikon’s Director of Laboratory R&D in Japan, makes it clear that “If Nikon will go mirrorless it must be full frame.”

Goto was speaking with Chinese website Xitec and the discussion covered a range of topics, but this English translation posted by Nikon Rumors includes the full transcript with Goto’s comments about a full-frame mirrorless model. Clearly this is more than idle speculation, as other Nikon executives have said previously that a mirrorless camera is in the works that “will raise the bar” by offering the latest technology has to offer.

And while Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera may or may not resemble the concept model in our lead photo, the question seems to be “when,” not “if” it will arrive. In addition, Nikon patent filings made the rounds online earlier this month for both 52mm and 36mm lenses designed specifically for a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Via DPReview