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Photo Courtesy The Naylor Collection

Photo Collection Spanning More Than A Century And A Half Up For Sale
Thurman F. (Jack) Naylor, former editor of Shutterbug, is planning to sell off the remaining 30,000 items in his photography memorabilia collection that he spent 55 years amassing. Some of the items included in his collection are 1031 early daguerreotypes--the Library of Congress only has 725; the world's largest accumulation of spy cameras and equipment; Civil War cameras and artifacts; modern and contemporary photographs, including ones by Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, and Alfred Eisenstadt; and cameras associated with historical events such as cameras that recorded the first megaton atomic bomb tests. Asking for about $20 million, Naylor has created a 34-page catalog of his collection that he plans to send to prospective buyers--wealthy collectors and institutions with photography collections like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Naylor estimates that through the years he has spent $6 million to $7 million at auctions building his collection, which he keeps in his climate-controlled basement in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Brightscreen: New Patents & Joint Ventures
Brightscreen recently filed a new patent application for new technology aimed at eliminating the majority of the problems concerning dust and particles being generated by digital and film cameras. Used in conjunction with a second new patent-pending product, developed earlier in 2005, the company is anticipating a near 99 percent reduction in dust and particles.

In other Brightscreen news, the company entered into an agreement with Fujifilm USA this past October to share specific new technologies for possible future enhanced and/or improved designs for camera features and/or functions. Brightscreen has also entered into a separate agreement with LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard, to share other new design and product technologies for the possible future production of specific new devices to work in conjunction with existing PocketWizards.

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