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Photo Basics By Westcott/Shutterbug Photo Contest
Westcott is offering their Photo Basics by Westcott customers the chance to have their photos published in Shutterbug. Contestants must use a Photo Basics lighting kit to create an image then submit it for the chance to win one of three prizes offered in the contest. The grand prize winner will have their photo published in Shutterbug. Second place earns the photographer recognition of their imagery on the Photo Basics website. All three prize winners will gain a free one-year subscription to Shutterbug. The deadline for submissions is July 30, 2007. Details are available and submissions can be made on the Photo Basics website at:

LumiQuest Celebrates 20th Anniversary
LumiQuest introduced their first product--the Pocket Bouncer--in May 1987. Twenty years later the Pocket Bouncer is still the company's top-selling product for handheld flashes. While refinements have been made over the years, the Pocket Bouncers sold today bear the same basic shape of the original homemade version. During the last 20 years LumiQuest has introduced 24 products. For more information, visit

Denny Manufacturing Launches New Website

Denny Manufacturing Company, Inc. has completely redesigned their website. In addition to an expanded online store, the website introduces several all-new sections filled with informative content. For example, a click on the Resources tab will bring the customer to a collection of useful info regarding the company's product line. The new website also offers customers more options when ordering. Now customers can review past and present orders with the convenient new View My Orders section. For more information, visit


In our "Roundup" column in the June 2007 issue we inadvertently listed incorrect prices for the PhotoLight Frames by Radaresas, Inc. Here are the correct prices: The 5x7 landscape and portrait frames cost $22.95, and the 5x5 and 4x6 frames cost $19.95.