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Leica Relocates In US
Leica Camera Inc. has relocated their US headquarters to Allendale, New Jersey. Here is their new contact information: 1 Pearl Ct., Unit A, Allendale, NJ 07401; (800) 222-0118, (201) 995-0051; fax: (201) 995-1686.

Ferrania Transfers Ownership
Ferrania Imaging Technologies has announced that ownership of the company has been transferred to FITRA INVESTIMENTI S.P.A. whose shareholder is a consortium of top Italian industrialists. For more information, visit Ferrania's website at:

New Division At Denny
Denny Manufacturing has introduced a new division that specializes in ancillary products such as photo sculptures, photo ties, key chains, magnets, mouse pads, coasters, stone tiles, and much more. For additional information, contact Denny Manufacturing - Novelty, PO Box 7200, Mobile, AL 36670; (800) 844-5616;

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