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Printer For Event Photographers
When you're shooting events that might range from proms to rodeos to corporate sales meetings it's important to be able to produce prints fast, affordably, and with high quality. Participants want to leave with memories, and sales of event images are always higher when they can walk out the door with prints. We recently saw a demo of the new Mitsubishi CP-9500DW, a digital color thermal printer that incorporates roll paper printing, which means that you don't have to slow down production as you shoot. The printer also delivers when it comes to color quality, thanks to what Mitsubishi calls built-in Color Imaging Chips. The unit's 346dpi thermal head also enhances print quality at high-resolution capture and output. The CP-9500DW allows you to output a variety of print sizes, from 3.5x5 to 6x9". The unit manages throughput of 17 seconds for a 3.5x5" print and images can be stored in memory while printing with two 32MB memory frames. Priced at $2295 (MSLP) the Mitsubishi CP-9500DW would seem to be a good choice for those who work in the events business and appreciate what roll paper feed and fast throughput can offer. For more information, contact:

Photoflex Unveils Revitalized Website
Photoflex has recently overhauled its website ( to provide a vast amount of customer-friendly information on its lighting products for the photography, digital-imaging, video, and film industries. With 10 times more information than its printed catalog, the revitalized website displays Photoflex's entire line of products. Customers can review product information more easily now, as content is provided for product features and benefits, as well as specifications, components, and step by step assembly instructions. Another feature of the website is a periodic free drawing giving visitors a chance to win selected Photoflex products and tuition to its Web Photo School. The next drawing is September 15, 2004, offering five prizes, including an OctoDome3 Kit with a retail value of $519.95, and a LitePanel Kit that retails for $341.95.

ATP Introduces 1GB MultiMediaCard
ATP Electronics, Inc. has announced its 1GB MultiMediaCard, which is targeted mainly at the fast-growing demand for memory in digital cameras, digital video camcorders, audio players, new multifunction 2.5G/3G cell phones, and other portable devices. With an ATP 1GB MultiMediaCard you can store up to 30 hours of digitally compressed music, more than 320 minutes of MPEG-4 compressed video, or more than 1000 high-resolution digital images. The new card, which can also be used in most portable devices that have a slot for SecureDigital memory cards, joins other ATP card capacities, including 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512MB MultiMediaCards. For more information, contact:

Mamiya America Corporation Becomes MAC Group
A message from Jan Lederman, President of the MAC Group: "Our mission is to provide professional photographers, educators, and students with the finest tools they need to create an image. In the new age of photography, we are moving firmly in this direction and this requires a name that better reflects our diversified range of professional brands and services.

"We're still doing what we do best and only our name is changing. The basic services the photographic industry has come to expect are our mainstay--exemplary customer service, aggressive marketing, and a unique approach to representing product solutions that are some of the most sought-after and
relied-upon by professional photographers, students, and educators in the U.S.A.

"Our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers is the driving force behind everything we do. New partnerships with companies such as Monaco by X-Rite Color Management, Tenba Carry Gear, and the recently-announced XtremePower Mobile Energy Packs pave the way for the future of the MAC Group. The photo industry is experiencing a paradigm shift, much like the early 20th century when George Eastman introduced roll film. Digital imaging and computers are enabling photographers in ways unimagined 20 years ago, and the tools they need to get their job done are what we provide. Our skill is working with photographers, and we plan to continue to build on our extensive experience in this area and stay true to our loyal customers.

"Our full range of brands includes Mamiya, Sekonic, Profoto, Monaco by X-Rite, PocketWizard, Tenba, XtremePower, ShootSmarter, Toyo-View, and Cabin. At the MAC Group, we want to remain the first choice when someone considers purchasing professional photographic tools and provide exemplary customer service before and after purchase for all of our brands. As always, we are just a telephone call, e-mail, fax, or letter away!" For more information, contact:

In the July 2004 issue we inadvertently flipped two sets of Tony Sweet's images in his article, "Three Essential Film Filters." The first set of photos is on page 52, the middle and bottom images in the "Polarizing Filter Effect" section should be swapped.

The second set is on page 53, the top two images in the "Split Graduated Neutral Density" section should be swapped.