New My Passport Ultra Drives from WD Feature New Designs to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Among our favorite portable hard drives for backing up photos on the road are the sleek and mobile My Passport line from WD. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of these little drives, WD just unveiled the My Passport Ultra – Metal Edition and the My Passport Ultra Anniversary Edition drives, which feature new designs in different colors.

The new drives have slick metal exteriors, and offer up to 2TB of storage in surprisingly small enclosures. They also offer ways to protect your images, including via backup, and through cloud integration you can access when travelling.

According to WD, the “radial-spin-design aluminum enclosure” of the new drives, not only looks nice, it gives you extra protection from unexpected drops or knocks. The drives also offer users hardware encryption and password protection to prevent unauthorized use in case of loss or theft.

The My Passport Ultra – Metal Edition comes with WD SmartWare Pro software with Dropbox integration, letting you back up content from your computer to the drive, and from the drive to the cloud, and retrieve content from a Dropbox account to the My Passport drive. The drives come in three colors: blue, silver, or gold.

The My Passport Ultra - Anniversary Edition drive will be available in limited quantities beginning early September 2014. My Passport Ultra - Metal Edition 1 TB drive sells for $89 and the 2TB version goes for $139.00.

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