Nature Photography’s 3 Sworn Enemies & How to Defeat Them (VIDEO)

Landscape photographers are very familiar with their friends, and three of the best are interesting light, weather, and a bit of luck. But what about enemies that can kill your photos?

In the tutorial below Austrian pro Christian Irmler identifies these dangerous foes, and explains how to avoid them so you can become a better outdoor photographer. Irmler is known for compelling landscape imagery throughout Europe and beyond, so he’s confronted just about every situation imaginable.

Irmler says the three enemies he describes “can force us into wrong decisions, make us blind to finding great compositions, and even kill our creativity.” By vanquishing these obstacles in the field, you will become a much more accomplished photographer.

At the top of Irmler’s list is a lack of inspiration, which he says holds us back by taking the fun out of photography and blocking creative thinking. Fortunately, he has several great tips that will provide a boost of inspiration and get your creative juices flowing once again.

The second enemy Irmler discusses is what he calls “Unfocus.” This one contributes to the inability to recognize good compositions, prevents us from connecting with Mother Nature, and blocks our visual storytelling skills. Here too, Irmler demonstrates a few easy solutions.

To learn what Irmler considers the final sworn foe of landscape photography, and learn how to conquer all three, all you have to do is spend 17 minutes watching his insightful video. Then grab your camera, head outdoors, and get busy.

There are more helpful tips on Irmler’s YouTube channel, so be sure and take a look. And check out another recent tutorial we posted, explaining how to make beautiful high-key landscape photos when snow covers the ground.