More Things To Do While Waiting For Foliage

October sneaks in wearing muddy, wet boots. Some trees are beginning to blush, showing a tinge of red and orange, but most are still wearing summer’s green uniform.

I enjoy capturing the transition from green to red to brown, but I also enjoy distorting reality by turning all of the leaves white with my infrared camera. As I learned last winter, it’s not much fun to shoot IR when there are no leaves on the trees. So that’s where you’ll find me this weekend, turning green leaves to white while Mother Nature slowly turns them orange.

You may recall that last winter I had a Nikon D5000 converted to IR-Only by LDP LLC, a company in Carlstadt, NJ. They replaced the factory installed anti-alias filter (also known as a Low Pass filter) with one that cuts off at 720nM (nanometers). With this conversion, the Nikon shoots IR directly without an accessory filter. However, it no longer shoots “regular” pictures. LDP also sells new cameras that have already been converted—visit for more details.