MIOPS Mobile Remote Links Your Camera to Your Smartphone with Time Lapse and Much More

Shutterbug fanatics (myself included) are enchanted by the possibilities of remote- control triggers, especially those that take the concept to a new level. Enter MIOPS Mobile, a versatile device that not only triggers your camera, but can also help determine when your photos are taken.

MIOPS Mobile was developed by the two cool guys from Istanbul who created the crowd-funded MIOPS Smart ($199 retail) two years ago. The new model builds upon the success of the original, and can trigger your camera using sound, vibration, distance, and time intervals (as in time lapse). It can combine any or all of these functions in creative ways and can be used as a regular intervalometer.

The versatile and less-expensive new unit was just announced at Photokina and will be available shortly for only $79. It taps into the myriad capabilities of your smartphone and becomes a sensing device to fire your camera remotely. Example: These young Turks showed me videos of a smartphone perched on a pole supporting a basketball hoop that sent a signal wirelessly to the MIOPS Mobile attached to the camera. Sensing vibration, it fired the shutter the moment the basketball hit the backboard or rim—thereby capturing the moment of peak action.

Another video clip demonstrated a camera firing the instant a girl screamed, using the remote's sound-sensing capabilities. As they say, the possibilities are endless. You can watch these clips and more in the video below.